Times played: 2683
Rating: 85.2%
You have only one chance to escape from the cursed town! In this action-puzzle turn-based game, you are fighting with the evil zombies.
Times played: 468
Rating: 100%
Teelombies Infection
Zombies were about to win over humans, but the last ones decided to barricade themselves inside castles and high walls. Launch the zombies over the walls to infect all the humans!!
Times played: 1694
Rating: 73.7%
Boxhead: The Nightmare
Choose your character and get ready to defend yourself from hundreds of zombies trying to eat you alive. Use your arsenal to repel and exterminate those pests. Collect money to upgrade your weapons and your character.
Times played: 1443
Rating: 93.8%
Zombie Train
Blast zombies as you try to stay alive for as long as possible. Upgrade guns and defend the windows.
Times played: 731
Rating: 66.7%
All become Zombies
A meteorite crashed into the planet, turning everyone into zombies but just a lucky few. Your mission is to destroy them before the plague spreads or they catch you.
Times played: 417
Rating: 0%
Sokoban Zombie
You are the last scientist who can save humanity after a radioactive outbreak. Push the boxes around to save them from contamination.
Times played: 976
Rating: 87.5%
Angry Zombies 2
Aim carefully and make your plant shoot as fast as it can to defend your base from the hordes of zombies attacking it.
Times played: 593
Rating: 100%
Zombies Must Die
Aim carefully and take out zombies of all kinds to go to the next levels in this great game. Collect treasures and earn cash to buy upgrades.
Times played: 569
Rating: 100%
Ghosts vs Zombies
The Zombies, intent on gathering as many crumbly dribbly corpses as possible for the next apocalypse have to contend with some pretty awesome ghosts not so happy with the idea.
Times played: 572
Rating: 100%
Zombie Slayer
You have a huge arsenal at your disposal, from chainsaws, guns and even rifles, to exterminate those pesky zombies trying to eat you alive. Don't get caught!
Times played: 710
Rating: 66.7%
Zombies vs Penguins
Line up your shots to kill all the zombies with bullet ricochets. Some physics and chain reactions.
Times played: 454
Rating: 0%
Shoot the zombies. Collect cash and buy upgrades. Get as high as possible and don't kill the zombie!
Times played: 1276
Rating: 85.7%
Die Die Die!!!
There's nowhere to run or hide, there's no food either and even worse, hordes of zombies are trying to kill you. Defend yourself and survive.
Times played: 548
Rating: 100%
Monster Mowdown 2
All you have to do is protect your truck from zombies and shoot enemies that are trying to grab you, don't let them reach your truck, kill as many as you can. You will get some money for every zombie you kill; with this money you can purchase upgrades by clicking on the blue box.
Times played: 545
Rating: 100%
Mad Farmer
Hordes of monsters destroyed your house. You need to exterminate the zombies and find out who brought this mess about and disturbed your peace.
Times played: 605
Rating: 80%
Cannon vs Zombies
Killing zombies always fun, especially if there are various ways of doing it! Kill them with your cannonballs, push them to water, BBQ them, roll a spikeball, and more!
Times played: 426
Rating: 0%
Arise and Die Again
Stay alive for as long as possible. You will have an arsenal to defend yourself but that, might not be enough.
Times played: 490
Rating: 66.7%
Crimson Hell
Stay alive as you blast enemies that come onto the screen. Use upgrades to become a better killer.
Times played: 592
Rating: 100%
Zombie Rider
Ride through the zombie apocalypse on your bike or ATV! Your goal is to collect some decomposed zombie heads for additional points but avoid the holy hand grenades, they are quite dangerous.
Times played: 637
Rating: 100%
El Fuaaa!!
El fua is on the streets beating up random zombies and you can join the fun. El fua is some random drunken spanish guy who likes to scream El fuaaa!! a lot.
Times played: 353
Rating: 100%
Usually Christmas is fun, but not this time. You will have to kill as many monsters as you can. You can do it in two modes. By bowling or by grabbing a weapon. Good luck
Times played: 424
Rating: 0%
Zombie Sports: Golf
First it was football, now it's golf, yes zombies play golf too... and guess what they use as the ball? A HUMAN EYE! Happy Halloween!
Times played: 405
Rating: 30%
Rolling Fall
Another one to get into the halloween spirit: rolling fall, cut the chains, release the balls and kill all zombies.
Times played: 505
Rating: 100%
Toxie Radd 3D
Blast the zombies and dodge acid and axes thrown at you in this "shooter on rails" game.