Times played: 3189
Rating: 68.4%
Super Link Bros
Link was able to go to Mario's world. Defeat all his enemies and rescue princess Zelda from the hands of the villains.
Times played: 2056
Rating: 64.3%
The Legend of Zelda Reloaded
Classic Zelda is back in it's flash version. Make way through enemies slashing them with Link's sword.
Times played: 4585
Rating: 64.6%
Zelda Valentine Quest
Link's new adventure, this time you will have to help him to woo the Princess Zelda, getting a number of ingredients for the flower she asks.
Times played: 2710
Rating: 79.4%
The Legend of Zellda
You are in control of Link that has to rescue Zelda from the hands of the monsters.
Times played: 3049
Rating: 77.3%
Hyrule Adventure
Help Link go to the green sphere in each stage to go to the next one. Avoid all enemy attacks to survive.
Times played: 2845
Rating: 90.9%
Rompecabezas Zelda
Arrange the tiles of this puzzle to complete the picture of Link and his friends.
Times played: 3052
Rating: 75%
Zelda Pacman
Control Link to collect all the coins on the screen and avoid all the enemies to go to the next stage.
Times played: 2072
Rating: 80%
Zelda Links Great Escape
Help Link escape from the cell he is trapped in. Avoid being caught by the guards doing their night round.
Times played: 1791
Rating: 88%
The Guardian
Protect the village from the villains that are trying to destroy it and be the new hero.
Times played: 1846
Rating: 88.2%
Help Link defeat all his enemies to reach the place where Zelda is being imprisoned, and rescue her.
Times played: 3996
Rating: 77.2%
The Legend of Zelda
Help Link defeat all the evil monsters lurking around the village and keep the Legend of Zelda alive.