Times played: 659
Rating: 50%
Caterpillar smash
Caterpillars everywhere! You must do something. You have a hammer in your hands, so what you have to do is be attentive and try to hit them when they appear, but could be a little difficult, there are so many!
Times played: 878
Rating: 100%
Territory Wars
Extremely addictive game and very similar to the classic Worms. Choose your team and do everything you can to defeat your opponents.
Times played: 554
Rating: 0%
Bowels Physics TD
In this game your goal is to prevent germs from breaking through the bowels to the organism!. You should create somo defensive microorganisms in the bowels which will kill the germs.
Times played: 7205
Rating: 68.4%
Jungle Battle
An enemy tribe is attacking your village and you will have to defend throwing spears to make them stop.
Times played: 17966
Rating: 85.9%
Rocket Soldiers
The objective of the game is to clean up with your bazooka all the enemies from the battlefield.
Times played: 20631
Rating: 78.3%
Mickey & Friends: Pillow Fight
Choose your favourite Disney characters and then you have 15 seconds to choose the way to attack your opponents, in a turn based pillow fight.
Times played: 13850
Rating: 79.9%
Pico's Infantry - Covert Opera
Select your team and go to the battlefield to fight your enemies in a game with the classic style of worms.
Times played: 5868
Rating: 68.2%
Bookcase Battle
Fight against the invaders dropping bombs well calculating where your enemies. With the money you get you can buy new weapons more powerful and effective.
Times played: 5408
Rating: 79.5%
Bazooka Battle
In the melee combat, there is only a slogan to win or die. Eliminate your enemies before they eliminate you.
Times played: 2636
Rating: 73.9%
Penguin Destroyer
Aim and shoot, kill all the penguins with your grenade launcher. Hurry you only have a limited amount of shots.
Times played: 4485
Rating: 78.9%
Merry Christmas Snow Fight
a fight of Santas has begun, select your favorite Santa, then start the snowball fight, you choose if you want to fight against your computer or a friend.
Times played: 3400
Rating: 69.2%
Compete against a friend and test your skill, precision shooting. It measures speed, angle and power shooting. Destroy your opponent.
Times played: 5302
Rating: 88.8%
This Means War
War started in a mansion full of cats. Choose your character and defeat them in 30 seconds to got to the next level.
Times played: 5380
Rating: 67.9%
Tank War
Aim your missiles to the tank to destroy it before it makes a move and destroy your base.
Times played: 7852
Rating: 75%
Seashell Beach Fight
Aim carefully to hit your rival on the other side of the mound. Pay attention to the direction of the wind as it can help.
Times played: 2383
Rating: 78.5%
Firework Battle
Battle against your enemies in a turn based game. Aim carefully and throw many objects to defeat them.
Times played: 1899
Rating: 91.2%
Sling Wars 2
Turn based battle that will use slings to defeat the opponents. Who will be victorious depends on you.
Times played: 2198
Rating: 92.2%
Presidential Street Fight
Obama and McCain face eachother in this accuracy battle. Aim carefully and shoot to get rid of your opponent.
Times played: 4222
Rating: 91.7%
Raft Wars
Defeat the pirates in this turn based raft war. Aim carefully and destroy them all.
Times played: 52147
Rating: 88.4%
Conquer Antartica
Clear the iceberg from enemy penguins before they get you. One or two players. Very addicting.
Times played: 1923
Rating: 92.6%
Sling Wars in the Middle Ages
Choose your middle age character and fight against each other to see who is the best of the era.