Times played: 1264
Rating: 75%
Move your ships from planets, to laser stations, to warp gates to dominate each sector of space.
Times played: 2215
Rating: 79.3%
Bomber at War
Bomb enemy bases, towers, subs, and cargo ships. Upgrade plane & take on enemy planes too.
Times played: 668
Rating: 50%
Tanks City
Defeat all the tanks in each stage to move to the next one. Don't let them catch you.
Times played: 709
Rating: 100%
Iwo Jima Defence
The war is upon us... The American forces are entering the island through the beach... Hold them on the beach and dont let them enter the island... Clear all waves from level one to unlock other levels... Have fun!
Times played: 794
Rating: 80%
Crazy Battle
Aim and shoot using your mouse. Upgrade your chopper arsenal as you earn money. War is expensive so don't spend too much.
Times played: 605
Rating: 0%
Battle Tanx 2
Pilot your battle tank and blast away everyone and everything on your way to get the highest score and win. Up to 4 players can join the battles.
Times played: 733
Rating: 50%
Galaxy Battleground
Select your favorite race and prepare to engage your enemies, in a fight to control the galaxy. Conquer all 24 planets to win with your army of ships.
Times played: 703
Rating: 77.8%
Alexander the Great
Great real time strategy game were you get to be in the shoes of Alexander the Great and command your army to conquer all the nations that oppose you. To victory!
Times played: 617
Rating: 75%
Sapphire Skies
Produce ships in your bases to battle for control of the maps in this exciting war game. Complete the missions and earn money to buy upgrades and more units.
Times played: 475
Rating: 80%
Zone Control
Take over each square by moving your circles to it. The more you move, the faster they control it.
Times played: 439
Rating: 100%
Tankman Survival
Defend your territory with your tank and shoot down all your enemies. Upgrade them to increase power.
Times played: 545
Rating: 85.7%
Massive War
Massive War is real time strategy game from the same creators as Battle Gear. Planet earth has run out of resources and humans fight over a new planet, that has been recently discovered as a suitable new home.
Times played: 500
Rating: 0%
Try to command your troops and lead them to victory in a battle against the aliens. The game is turnbased and you will need to instruct all your man before you can end your turn.
Times played: 434
Rating: 0%
You have been chosen to be Earth's new BioBalancer. Earth is the most powerful planet in our galaxy and your job is to protect other planets from being destroyed by attackers while managing to keep Earth's supremacy. Your decisions and combat performance will determine your success.
Times played: 399
Rating: 0%
War Of The Ancients
Throw boulders at incoming forces to protect your cave. Upgrade abilities to take on stronger forces.
Times played: 425
Rating: 75%
Coconut Balls
In this cannon shooting game, you must defeat the other tribes from the island and make your way to the top of the rankings. Become the richest tribe on the island by winning every match
Times played: 715
Rating: 93.8%
Army of Ages
Build structures to produce units to destroy the alien enemy as you progress through the ages.
Times played: 468
Rating: 100%
Heaven Or Hell 2
Use your angel or devil army to fight and defeat the other side.
Times played: 366
Rating: 0%
Kings of Conquest V
Strategic Territorial War Game. A Mix between the board game Risk and Chess. 1-4 Players (human or computer AI), up to 48 territory maps, 6 different units, competitive AI.
Times played: 494
Rating: 100%
Battle Blocks Defense
Battle Blocks Defense is an inventive puzzle/defense hybrid where puzzle pieces are placed on the grid to act as shields, attackers and energy generators.
Times played: 455
Rating: 100%
Military Truck
You are in a mission at war. You must destroy all enemy tanks to protect your country.
Times played: 453
Rating: 0%
The Tactical Arena
This is a difficult game in the genre TD. You have to go on 9 unique tactical levels. To try many different tactics for their passage.
Times played: 472
Rating: 100%
Frontline Defense Special Ops
Defend against soldiers and vehicles with a great mix of towers that are unlockable.
Times played: 450
Rating: 100%
Battle Stance Human Campaign
After invading the Land of Men, the orcs have settled all across it. Stand up against their armies and face them in battlefield, in this real time strategy game. Build up an army by killing orcs and freeing our people held hostage.