Times played: 921
Rating: 83.3%
Tennis Angel
Play tennis with some cute characters and defeat your all time rivals to be crowned champion.
Times played: 876
Rating: 66.7%
Tennis Cup
Play tennis with standard rules. Win 6 game to win the set. Win 2 sets to win the match.
Times played: 1554
Rating: 90.5%
Football Tennis: Gold Master
Use the arrow keys to move and the space bar to pass the ball. You win when you score 11 goals.
Times played: 1302
Rating: 75%
Tennis Game 2
Excellent second part of the classic tennis game. Participate in tournaments and exhibits.
Times played: 1027
Rating: 83.3%
Garage Door Tennis
Play tennis against the wall of your garage. remember when you were little?
Times played: 5762
Rating: 92.4%
Sports Heads Tennis
Enjoy playing tennis in this peculiar game. Choose between the biggest stars and play to become number 1.
Times played: 17956
Rating: 73.6%
Gamezastar Open Tennis
Practice a bit your service and your best smashes before facing your rivals in the real tournament.
Times played: 19399
Rating: 78.3%
GrandSlam Tennis
Participate in a Grand Slam facing the best tennis players in the world. Use the arrow keys to move on the court and spacebar to start and hit the ball.
Times played: 11325
Rating: 60.2%
Tennis Ace
Very fun game of tennis, where you have 3 characters to choose from. Defeat your opponents and advance in the tournament. Can you handle the challenge?
Times played: 22531
Rating: 84.3%
Yahoo Tennis
A fast 3D tennis game very entertaining. You control the player with the mouse pointer and throw the ball with the left click.
Times played: 4356
Rating: 79.8%
Ragdoll Tennis
A very odd tennis, you have to play on this court which has no gravity. Move slowly to give the ball with your racket.
Times played: 4948
Rating: 80.2%
Hip Hop Tennis
The tournament is about to start! Come and prove that you have everything to become the champion, fight against mighty opponents and win this tournament.
Times played: 5699
Rating: 80.2%
Techno Tennis
A game that looks like tennis but it's more like darts with a racket. Hit the ball to hit the three targets in the wall at the back of your opponent.
Times played: 4533
Rating: 77.6%
Team Mickey Tennis
Play tennis with disney characters, choose your favourite and play against the rest of the guys to see who gets 10 points first.
Times played: 13874
Rating: 81.8%
Tennis Champions
Participate in an amazing tennis championship. Beat all your rivals and get the title of the best.
Times played: 3434
Rating: 74.2%
Tennis Master
Play a match of tennis against many tough opponents, defeat them to become the new champion.
Times played: 2010
Rating: 87.5%
Group together three or more blocks of the same color to remove them all and go to the next level.
Times played: 1937
Rating: 89.3%
Play virtual tennis against the computer and try to beat it in the match.
Times played: 1258
Rating: 91.7%
Crazy Tennis
Defeat all your opponent at tennis and show them all who is the best.
Times played: 7666
Rating: 77.3%
Grand Slam Tennis
Play tennis against the toughest opponents and defeat them to win the championship.
Times played: 1468
Rating: 81.8%
Galactic Tennis
Play tennis in outer space. The higher score wins, obviously.
Times played: 1655
Rating: 55.6%
Free Style Squash
Play a tennis match against a opponent of your choice. Simple but fun game.
Times played: 1174
Rating: 61.5%
Mob Sport
Fun game that simulates a tennis match but instead of a ball you play with a strange creature and the rackets were replaced by axes.
Times played: 1701
Rating: 92.1%
Twisted Tennis
Great tennis game, were you have the option to choose from various characters and also the place where you are going to play, from city locations.