Times played: 574
Rating: 0%
Mix Sudoku Light Volume 2
Are you really good at Sudoku? Find out with this challenging collection of 60 medium, hard and very hard Sudoku puzzles from 6 different variants, including Classic, Diagonal, Irregular, OddEven, Chain and Multi.
Times played: 666
Rating: 33.3%
Timon and Pumba Sudoku
Place the numbers in the empty slots and filled the panel without repeating them in the columns and lines.
Times played: 7892
Rating: 62.6%
Fog Sudoku
Grab the pencil, open the newspaper and have a good time trying to complete this game Sudoku. You have different levels of difficulty.
Times played: 4433
Rating: 50%
sudoku 113
Surely you know the famous sudoku. It is a game where you have to use your intelligence to fill this boxes, you can't repeat any number horizontally or vertically!
Times played: 2674
Rating: 41.7%
BOX10 Sudoku
Fun version of Sudoku, you can play the classic style and find where the numbers go, or this new version with monsters in their place!
Times played: 2585
Rating: 81.8%
Just Sudoku
The classic Sudoku, fill out the form with the numbers that correspond. Test your skill and brain in this awesome game.
Times played: 3252
Rating: 66.7%
Traditional Sudoku
A very entertaining game which will test your intelligence and skill. Prove you're the best for this.
Times played: 1894
Rating: 66.7%
Plop Art Sudoku
Adaptation of Sudoke, instead of numbers this time you place figures, don't repeat them in rows and columns..
Times played: 1337
Rating: 66.7%
4D Sudoku
Excellent 3D version of Sudoku were you have to place the numbers from 1 to 9 without repeating any.
Times played: 1427
Rating: 85.7%
Bermudas Triangle
Adaptation of the classic Sudoku. In this case you have to place the numbers in the triangle without repeating any.
Times played: 1904
Rating: 54.5%
Classic sudoku game were you have to place all 9 numbers without repeating them in any columns or lines.
Times played: 1235
Rating: 100%
Try out this colorful version of sudko. Guess the color in the boxes without repeating them in lines and columns.
Times played: 1388
Rating: 100%
Angel Sudoku
Play sudoku with the cute girl. Remember you are against time so do it fast!.
Times played: 2305
Rating: 75%
Sudoku Generator
Play sudoku with this random sudoku generator. Challenge your mind and solve this numeric puzzle as fast as you can to achieve a higher score.