Times played: 2663
Rating: 33.3%
Christmas Presents
Ski down the hill and help Santa collect all the presents without hitting any snowmen.
Times played: 2942
Rating: 78.1%
Bart Simpson Skateboard
Bart Simpson is on a mission to skate all day. There are lots of obstacles in his way so you need to be paying close attention so you can avoid them by jumping or ducking down.
Times played: 2373
Rating: 58.3%
Basketball Rally
Aim carefully and shoot some hoops before time runs out. Score points and go to the next level.
Times played: 1510
Rating: 75%
Taz Football Frenzy
Crazy Taz is trying on a new sport, American Football. Help Taz become the king of the field by making many touchdowns.
Times played: 2347
Rating: 60%
Super Soccer Star
Excellent soccer game. Score many goals and defeat your opponents in an exciting tournament.
Times played: 2759
Rating: 66.7%
Thin Ice
Help Frozone maneuver through the rooftops of Metro City, avoiding the mini omnidroids Syndrome is throwing his way.
Times played: 2059
Rating: 81.8%
Putt It In!
Put it in! is a great mini golf game. Put the ball in the holes with the least tries as possible.
Times played: 2807
Rating: 96.2%
Arcade Pool
Play this fantastic flash game of Pool. Put all the balls in the sockets to win.
Times played: 1438
Rating: 80%
League Bowling
Excellent SNK title. Play bowling and do as many strikes as you can to impress the crowd and become the champion.
Times played: 1341
Rating: 71.4%
Kick Off
Practice as shooter and goalkeeper in this penalty kick game. Aim with the cross on the goal. Click the left mouse button to adjust the strength of the shot, but careful, the more power you put in it, the less accurate the shot. As a goalkeeper, try to catch the ball with the circle.
Times played: 1696
Rating: 90.9%
Medieval Archer
Try to shoot as close to the bull's eye as possible. Your shot is influenced by gravity, wind direction and speed.
Times played: 1244
Rating: 88.9%
Dora Uphill Ride
Dora loves sports outdoors. Join her in a ride uphill with your bike. Collect backpacks to increase your score and don't crash!
Times played: 1591
Rating: 80%
Cricket Darts
Aim carefully and try to hit the run board. Get a high score and don't miss the target or you will lose.
Times played: 901
Rating: 81.8%
Tennis Angel
Play tennis with some cute characters and defeat your all time rivals to be crowned champion.
Times played: 4057
Rating: 91.2%
Sports Heads Football
The game is "simple", the player with more goals after 2 minutes, wins the match.
Times played: 1300
Rating: 66.7%
Slum Boy
Slum Boy wants to become a professional basketball player to finally get out of the slums. Help him score as many times as possible to achieve his goal.
Times played: 1659
Rating: 76.9%
Billiards Drift
Interesting mix of billiard and driving. Use your car to make the balls bounce and put them in the sockets to go to the next level. Score enough points to unlock new vehicles.
Times played: 1520
Rating: 81.8%
Metatron Beach Soccer
Participate in an exciting beach football tournament with the national team that you prefer or play separate matches against the best teams of the world.
Times played: 830
Rating: 100%
Athlete Balls n Walls
Toss balls over the wall and try to knock your opponent’s floor out from under him. But look out! He’s trying the same thing.
Times played: 1613
Rating: 80%
Wonderputt is a small mini golf game with a dynamic changing environment. Try to unlock all the wonders and maximize your points by getting the balls in the hole.
Times played: 851
Rating: 100%
Ben10 Volleyball Game
Ben 10 is in mission even when he is playing. He has no time to relax, he is more concerning this volleyball against Rex Generator and other players.
Times played: 390
Rating: 0%
Penguin Skating 2
Help the penguin to reach the igloo, his pair is waiting there. Do not hit on the border line and keep away from Walrus, Polar bear and penguin.
Times played: 867
Rating: 87.5%
Goal in One
Exciting sports game with a mix of soccer and minigolf.
Times played: 620
Rating: 60%
Stan Skates
Use the spacebar to jump with your skate board over the objects and collect the free bonus points and special free games moves.