Times played: 1115
Rating: 85.7%
Mario Sonic Jet Adventure
Mario and Sonic join forces to defeat all the evil enemies on their jet. You got to be fast and collect coins to buy upgrades.
Times played: 2169
Rating: 81.8%
Sonic In Angel Island
For all the die hard sonic fans, guide sonic through another adventurous journey in Angel island.
Times played: 1937
Rating: 76.5%
Sonic Runner
New flash game of a classic of all times, Sonic. Collect all the rings on your way and jump to avoid obstacles and traps.
Times played: 959
Rating: 66.7%
Mario Block Ball
This time Mario, Donkey Kong, and Sonic is team up in order to solve the puzzle setup by their enemies.
Times played: 848
Rating: 88.9%
Sonic Moto Adventure
A Full charged Sonic is back with moto Adventure. Your main objective is to cross the obstacles on your way by controlling your bike. Collect more points to score high. Have a Fun Ride!
Times played: 689
Rating: 50%
Sonic Motobike
Help Sonic ride his motobike to the end of all levels without losing control. Try to collect as much rings as possible and make a backflip or frontflip to earn more points.
Times played: 1257
Rating: 85.7%
Mario V Sonic Racing
Mario and Sonic are back. Race against each other and don't crash or fall to get the first place.
Times played: 1014
Rating: 90.9%
Mario ATV in Sonic Land
Help Mario drive around Sonic's world on his ATV.
Times played: 1524
Rating: 88.9%
Mario & Sonic Doll
The objective of the game is that Mario sets free the hanged Sonic dolls that are slowly dying asfixiated.
Times played: 967
Rating: 87.5%
Mario Vs Sonic Racing
Mario and Sonic is back. This time they are racing against each other, choose Mario or Sonic and clear all levels in the very cool game Mario Vs Sonic Racing. Enjoy!
Times played: 854
Rating: 50%
Sonic Enduro Race
Join Sonic in an exciting race on his enduro bike. Collect rings on the way and don't crash or fall off.
Times played: 1261
Rating: 92.6%
Sonic Test Run
Battle it out with Sonic in this card battle RPG. Can you continue to beat Sonic at his own game?
Times played: 773
Rating: 66.7%
Sonic Memory Match
Find matching pairs of cards by clicking on them. Match all pairs of cards within set time to go to the next level.
Times played: 868
Rating: 33.3%
Sonic Jump
Help Sonic jump from platformt to platform while collecting rings to increase your score. Complete it fast before time runs out.
Times played: 914
Rating: 60%
Sonic Puzzle Game
Arrange the pieces of the puzzle as fast as you can to complete the picture of Sonic and his friends.
Times played: 843
Rating: 100%
Angry Sonic
Aim carefully and launch Sonic to knock off all the crabs from each level and go to the next challenge.
Times played: 1173
Rating: 37.5%
Sonic ATV
Help Sonic collect all the ring in each level while driving his ATV. Don't crash or fall and get a high score.
Times played: 716
Rating: 50%
Super Sonic Diwali
This is a race between the two supersonics, collect the firecrackers on the way and reach the destination by avoiding obstacles found on the way and surface.
Times played: 783
Rating: 57.1%
Sonic Ninja Motobike
Drive your ninja motobike with Sonic and reach the goal as fast as you can while collecting coins on the way and don't fall of the bike or you lose.
Times played: 1060
Rating: 83.3%
Sonic Earth
Great platform game inspired in Sonic with earth's characters and real life cities.
Times played: 1494
Rating: 42.9%
A great combination of Sonic and Mario Bros game you can't miss. try it out!
Times played: 1450
Rating: 88.9%
Sonic vs. Knuckles
Play the classic Sonic game, collect all the rings and run through the levels at top speed with the crazy hedgehog
Times played: 975
Rating: 100%
Sonic Puzzles
Arrange the pieces of the puzzle to complete the picture of sonic and his friends.
Times played: 408
Rating: 100%
Sonic Speed Spotter 3
Spot the differences, race the clock and earn points. Gotta go fast! Fast as a blue hedgehog!