Times played: 1757
Rating: 77.8%
Guide your robosnake with your mouse cursor to the random body parts.
Times played: 989
Rating: 98.5%
Mr Fat Snake
A fat version of the classic snake, enjoy!
Times played: 2464
Rating: 64%
Snake Diamond
Classic snake game. Eat all the diamonds on screen and grows larger each time, don't bump into walls or your own tail.
Times played: 919
Rating: 100%
Guide the afro snake so it can eat everything on it's way while avoiding obstacles and it's own tail.
Times played: 894
Rating: 100%
Treasure Snake
Hold and drag the left mouse button and gravity will do the rest, check it out. Collect pearls to win.
Times played: 858
Rating: 100%
Fetch 'N' Stretch
Use the left and right arrows to control the limo. Do the pick ups and avoid the cones.
Times played: 7090
Rating: 69.2%
Snake 3000
Hunt mice to get more energy. Use the left and right to move your snake. You have to avoid, eat your own tail.
Times played: 5669
Rating: 67.9%
You have to hunt the chickens, which are in the park without hitting any shrub, be careful because the snake is very quick!
Times played: 3313
Rating: 82.6%
Classic snake game. Eat all balls that appear to be growing in size. Be careful, when you increase in size, increases the difficulty!
Times played: 4368
Rating: 90.9%
Notepad Snake
Have a good time with this fun version of Snake. Gets to eat fruits that appear without touching the body of the snake.
Times played: 3968
Rating: 71.1%
Mix 2 of the funniest classic Tetris and Snake! Try putting the snake as a tetris tab of and removes the horizontal lines to earn more points!
Times played: 4232
Rating: 70.3%
Choose from classic or advanced mode and have fun with this classic game of Snake
Times played: 2672
Rating: 81.3%
Guide the snake through the scenario and eat as many frogs as it can to go to the next stage.
Times played: 2606
Rating: 75%
Snake and Balls
Move the snake around the screen to push the balls into the holes as fast as you can to go to the next level.
Times played: 2194
Rating: 80%
Snake Runner
Classic snake game were you have to eat all the coins to grow but be careful not to bite your own tail.
Times played: 1406
Rating: 100%
It's the classic Snake but in it's 3D version. Don't bite your own tail!
Times played: 1239
Rating: 42.9%
Gift Hunt
Help this girl gather all the gifts that will form a tail behind her. Don't bump into your own tail or walls.
Times played: 3481
Rating: 58.3%
Classic Snake
Eat all the red blocks and help the snake grow. Don't bite your own tail or you lose!
Times played: 22484
Rating: 71.9%
Unreveal Tournament
Eat all the squares with your snake to reveal the naughty picture in the background. Remember not to hit any wall or you will loose.
Times played: 2274
Rating: 85.7%
Caray Snake
This nice snake is hungry. Help it to eat all the points in every level. Every eaten point will make it grow, so but be careful to don't devour yourself in the end.