Times played: 2851
Rating: 76.7%
Shop Empire
Build the biggest, most luxurious and extremely profitable shopping malls around the world. Deploy and upgrade boots, restrooms, elevators and restaurants to make your vistors spending lots and lots of money. Hire cleaners to keep it tidy, technicians for dealing with power failures and security against the shop lifters.
Times played: 3195
Rating: 77.2%
Personal Shopper
Is shopping your hobby? Help Macy find all of the items and achieve her dream of becoming the best Personal Shopper possible. A funny and happy themed girl game with high quality graphics.
Times played: 3072
Rating: 87.5%
Beautiful Sisters Go Shopping
Dress up these beautiful sisters for a shopping day at the mall.
Times played: 1196
Rating: 60.9%
Duck Hunt Extreme
Hunt as many ducks as possible before time runs out.
Times played: 1270
Rating: 92.9%
Blue Archer 2
Fire your arrows and hit enough high value targets to earn enough to proceed to new levels.
Times played: 1858
Rating: 69.9%
Shopaholic Hawaii
You are given a daily allowance to spend in anything you want. Complete challenges to get in the groove.
Times played: 1695
Rating: 85.7%
Sharp Trigger 2
In Sharp Trigger 2 you start where we left off; You have just rescued the Delta team yet Biggs has been captured by rebels. Try to save Sergeant Biggs and stay alive! An intense shooter game with plenty of suspense and sniping modes.
Times played: 457
Rating: 0%
Space Cadet Shooter
Take control of an Allied Navy fighter as you, a cadet in training, are thrown into the deep end of a war between the Alliance and the evil Dominion.
Times played: 622
Rating: 83.3%
Kill Damn Beavers
Defend your city's new dam by killing beavers responsibles for the destruction of the previous.
Times played: 520
Rating: 100%
Osama's Revenge
Osama came back to life and is haunting your troops. Shoot him down as fast as you can and don't let him catch you.
Times played: 1983
Rating: 82%
Shopaholic Christmas
Hey girls, Christmas is coming. Want to be in fashion for the season's festivities? Better hit the shops in Paris, you get a new shopping allowance every day.
Times played: 1488
Rating: 81.8%
Indian Juice Shop
Prepare apple, carrot and orange juice to the customers. Use the mouse to select the items. Please the customers by giving them their favourite juices.
Times played: 12268
Rating: 81.9%
Food Court
Build food stands for the passersby to shop in them and earn a lot of money and build even more.
Times played: 14125
Rating: 84.7%
Shopaholic Paris
If you are a fan of dhopping then this is your game. You have money to use up everyday in the shopping center.
Times played: 13931
Rating: 2.7%
Street Fashion
Build many shops, hair salons, massage centers in the fashion district to earn money and expand the city.
Times played: 20065
Rating: 78.2%
The Bridesmaid needs to help her best friend for the wedding. This bride is missing a few items to perform the ceremony. Look everywhere and in all stores.
Times played: 31596
Rating: 79.9%
Shooping Struggle
This store have very low prices, go with your boyfriend and buy whatever you want. You have to get a lot of clothes with a certain amount of money, watch the other girls, you can take your purchase.
Times played: 10948
Rating: 82.6%
Today is shopping day so you have to dress up this lovely girl with all the clothing and accesories at your disposal. Make her look even more beautiful than she already is.
Times played: 7368
Rating: 92.5%
Shopping City
You have to create a new shopping district in town, place the shops strategically and recover the money invested.
Times played: 13011
Rating: 70.9%
The Grand Jewelry
Every girl's dream, unlimited cash to buy as many jewelry as you want. Oh wait!, no you don't.
Times played: 2821
Rating: 53.3%
Elite Realtor
Become the richest person on the planet in this Monopoly game in it's flash version.