Times played: 1954
Rating: 60%
Tackle Your Boss
You are late to work and your boss is sure to fire you. Time the power and tackle him unconscious before he fires you.
Times played: 778
Rating: 100%
England Academy
Choose the play you want to practice in one of the best rugby leagues of the world.
Times played: 1105
Rating: 83.3%
Rugby World Cup 2007
It's rugby season around the world and we have to bring back some good memories. Rugby's world cup 2007 was great. Enjoy!
Times played: 981
Rating: 66.7%
Rugby Kicker Challenge
Your goal is to score 3 tries within 90 seconds. The quota will be raised by 1 try each level.
Times played: 1074
Rating: 66.7%
World Rugby 2011
Become the champion of 2011, run, dodge, jump, tackle and score tries, lead your team through the finals.
Times played: 712
Rating: 100%
Tickle Tackle
Get the ball and run as fast as you can to the goal and score 5 points. Then try your best kick to see if you can get an extra 2 points.
Times played: 954
Rating: 66.7%
Miniclip Rugby Kick
Test your kicking skills in this great rugby game.
Times played: 619
Rating: 0%
Rugby Memory Teaser
Click on the cards to flip them and reveal an England rugby player. Match the two pictures of the same player to reveal a great action shot.
Times played: 495
Rating: 0%
Flick N Kick 2
Choose the celebrity you want to manage your team and beat your opponents to win the cup. Click on the circle and aim on the direction you want your player to charge.
Times played: 989
Rating: 50%
Drop Kick Rugby
The ball will be played from the scrum. You have 5 attempts at kicking the ball from different positions, on the pitch and under different conditions.
Times played: 771
Rating: 50%
The Laka!
Make your own british and irish lions haka! Click and drag the movie clips into the timeline to create your own haka.
Times played: 545
Rating: 0%
Flick N Kick
Rack up as many points as you can by dodging tackles, collecting pick ups, and scoring tries. Go for the highest score and win some fantastic prices.
Times played: 813
Rating: 66.7%
Kicking Kings
Do you think goal kicking is easy? Well, this is your chance to put your boot to the test.
Times played: 602
Rating: 0%
Ugger Rugger
Build your own ugly rugby player and show it to your friends afterwards.
Times played: 542
Rating: 0%
The Big Hit
The aim of the game is to deliver bone crunching, big hitting tackles to the opposition and get your team to the top of the ladder.
Times played: 699
Rating: 0%
A Game of 3 Halves
It's time for you to represent your country... It's the cup final, and you are trailing by 6 points with only 3 minutes left on the clock. Only a try and a conversion will make you win.
Times played: 645
Rating: 66.7%
Rugby Ruck It
Playing for your country you are facing the best defense in the world. Use the left and right arrow keys to avoid the tackles of the oncoming players.
Times played: 529
Rating: 100%
Try Hero
Since the Rugby World Cup is starting we have a present for the fans. Score the last try of the final to become the world champion.
Times played: 2075
Rating: 100%
Daffy Duck's Wide Receiver
Catch the balls thrown at you to score a touch down and win the match.
Times played: 610
Rating: 0%
Field Goal Challenge
Pay attention to the wind and adjust the strength and angle before kicking the ball and score.
Times played: 609
Rating: 100%
Running Back Attack
Play American football, score as many times as you can to defeat the opposing team.
Times played: 8474
Rating: 94.6%
Touchdown American Football
You will need lots of skills or a miracle to score the winning tough down.
Times played: 3236
Rating: 77.1%
Lateral Colateral 2
Pass the ball from side to side without getting tackled by your opponents.
Times played: 19621
Rating: 77.3%
Field Goal
Kick as many field goals as you can and try to get the highest score.