Times played: 807
Rating: 100%
No Exit 2
You're stuck in a classroom at school and you must find a way out.
Times played: 2683
Rating: 85.2%
You have only one chance to escape from the cursed town! In this action-puzzle turn-based game, you are fighting with the evil zombies.
Times played: 987
Rating: 50%
The Sagittarian
A choose your own adventure kind of game. Not meant to be too challenging or anything, just to have a good time.
Times played: 755
Rating: 66.7%
Bandido's Desert
Follow the adventures of Don Diablo and El Rey in this RPG with funny characters and a great story. Have fun!
Times played: 828
Rating: 66.7%
Vulpin Adventure
Join your own customized Vulpine in a RPG adventure. Defeat your enemies and improve your performance in battles by acquiring new abilities.
Times played: 588
Rating: 50%
Dragon Peninsula
Nick Toldy wants to rescue a princess, and live happily ever after, but first things first: paperwork and some minor issue of slaying a dragon along the way, piece of cake.
Times played: 739
Rating: 96.7%
The End
Customize your character and begin a journey through the last moments on Earth and begin your journey of discoveries. Use the power of light to make dark platforms become solid.
Times played: 838
Rating: 100%
Arkandian Legends Chapter 2
Will the world of Arkandia know no peace? In this chaotic days many heroes and villains emerged to exercise their will on the world. Which of them are you?
Times played: 572
Rating: 100%
Dry Eternity RPG
A vast array of creatures have been unleashed upon the world, and are now draining Gaia's water supply. Many warriors before you have tried to defeat them but have failed. Are you the one to bring peace?
Times played: 774
Rating: 50%
Extreme Hipster Sim
Interesting RPG simulator game were you will have to raise your stats. HP, Money, Intelligence, Hipness, Irony, Music Sense, and Nostalgia doing various actions. Once they are high enough you will be able to fly into space.
Times played: 712
Rating: 100%
3 Foot Ninja 2
A sequel to the great RPG - Fighting game. Put your ninja skills to good use.
Times played: 598
Rating: 100%
Solve the more difficult puzzles in each area of the hot air balloon. Look closely for clues in this great RPG.
Times played: 860
Rating: 75%
Tribe Boy Vs Monsters
Incredible RPG game featuring a Tribe Boy battling his way through hordes of monsters. Level up and improve your armor, weapon and get new skills.
Times played: 619
Rating: 100%
Mystic Cards
Select your cards, place them and try to defeat your enemy using your cards against theirs.
Times played: 432
Rating: 100%
Flagstaff - Chapter 2
Second chapter of this excellent turn based RPG. New playable character and more dungeons to battle. Defeat your enemies and avoid hazardous situations to reveal an interesting plot.
Times played: 468
Rating: 100%
Heaven Or Hell 2
Use your angel or devil army to fight and defeat the other side.
Times played: 584
Rating: 100%
Shadow Rising Unleashed
Fight the enemes as you control with only the mouse. Grab powerups to release rage attacks.
Times played: 1033
Rating: 87.5%
Scaryass Game 2
Scaryass Game 2 explores the adventures of Ali and Tim, they go on a epic quest to scare the hell out of everyone around them... on their journey they meet different people...at the end it doesn't seem very good for them.
Times played: 365
Rating: 0%
Year of the Snake
Hack and slash your way through hordes of monsters with your mighty sword skills in this exciting action RPG.
Times played: 365
Rating: 0%
Red Devil1
Search through the house for items, do quests and missions for people and battle against enemies.
Times played: 448
Rating: 100%
Flagstaff - Chapter 1
This is the first chapter of Flagstaff, a fantasy turn-based tactical game. You control a party of four heroes, in service to the king.
Times played: 378
Rating: 100%
Flagstaff - Chapter 4
Move your team into positions to best attack the enemy forces that sit on the randomly generated map.
Times played: 346
Rating: 0%
Aztec God Game
Be an Aztec God.. create flat land so your followers can build temples. Accumulate mana from their worship then use your powers to smite the unbelievers!
Times played: 237
Rating: 0%
Vampire Scent
A great RPG about the arrogant vampire lord Reekel.. Will he help a desperate princess in need? Play this awesome voice featured RPG to find out!