Times played: 2734
Rating: 86.7%
Princess Fairyland Dress up
Dress up the princess from a fairyland with the most beautiful dresses and accesories.
Times played: 4425
Rating: 66.7%
Decorate My Princess Room
Decorate the room for the princess girl with many furnitures and patterns.
Times played: 2639
Rating: 93.9%
Princess on the Swing
The princess is having a good time swinging in the forest in company of her pet. Find the best outfit for her and have a lovely day.
Times played: 2884
Rating: 74.4%
Save the Princess
The princess was transformed into an ugly frog by the evil witch. You will have to use your logic and brain to reach the potion with the antidote.
Times played: 2705
Rating: 71.2%
My Little Princess
Help this little princess by destroy all the obstacles in her way with your magic wand of light.
Times played: 4763
Rating: 83.3%
Princess Make up
This princess wants to have a make over. Help her out, choosing beautiful dresses, make up and a new hairstyle.
Times played: 5619
Rating: 79.2%
Disney Princess 2011
Arrange the pieces correctly to figure out the image of one of this gorgeous princesses from Disney.
Times played: 7950
Rating: 76.2%
Disney Princess
You have all the dresses from Disney princesses, have fun cosplaying them all.
Times played: 1858
Rating: 62.5%
Cinderella Escape
The spell from the godmother fairy is going to fade and you need to get home before that happens.
Times played: 5559
Rating: 76.6%
Cinderella Midnight
Find all the requested objects hidden in the picture of Cinderella, so she can go to the dance.
Times played: 1335
Rating: 72.7%
Bug Box
Take the butterfly outside the box, sounds easy but is not. Enjoy!
Times played: 5945
Rating: 76.3%
Princess Snow White
Dress up sweet Snow White with the outfit you like the most.
Times played: 1572
Rating: 91.7%
Mulan Challenge
Complete the puzzles to reveal the pictures of Mulan.
Times played: 3391
Rating: 82.5%
Mulan Hidden Numbers
You have five minutes to find the numbers hidden in the picture of Mulan.
Times played: 1718
Rating: 66.7%
Mulan Maze
Mulan is lost in a maze, help her find the way out while avoiding enemies and collecting items.
Times played: 4701
Rating: 75.4%
Wake Up The Sleeping Beauty
Help sleeping beauty choose from many dresses in her wrardrobe and make her look beautiful.
Times played: 1388
Rating: 50%
The Little Mermaid's Memory
Pair up the cards fgeaturing the characters of The little Mermaid and remove them all to win.
Times played: 7332
Rating: 75.9%
Disney Princess Solitaire
Basic rules for solitaire. Try to get rid of all of the cards from the deck. Stack them from King to ace to win in this Disney princesses cards.
Times played: 3881
Rating: 76.3%
Little Mermaid's Puzzle
Complete this cute little puzzles of Ariel in the ocean.
Times played: 4983
Rating: 83.7%
Ariel Make up
Try some malke up on the little mermaid and make her look really pretty.
Times played: 786
Rating: 81.8%
Princess Clara
Dress up princess Clara for the party tonight.
Times played: 512
Rating: 84.6%
Snow White Dress Up
Dress up Snow White with many colorful outfits.
Times played: 767
Rating: 71.4%
Princess Dress Up
Choose the outfit for this princes to enter the castle's party.
Times played: 1212
Rating: 92.9%
Sleeping Beauty Dress up
Dress up the sleeping beauty and make her look adorable.