Times played: 1811
Rating: 75%
Pang 2004
Classic Pang in it's 2004 installment. Great game that never gets old!
Times played: 1013
Rating: 100%
Flash version of teh classic Pang, great visuals and very dynamic. Destroy all the balls to go to the next level.
Times played: 1335
Rating: 0%
Bubble Strugle 2
A nice bubble game where you have to dodge bouncing bubbles while shooting down the bubbles with your little harpoon. Very addictive gameplay, with lots of levels to play.
Times played: 943
Rating: 66.7%
Spongebob Stone Arrow
Help Sponge Bob destroy all balls to win and finish all levels. Move with the A, D keys or arrow keys and shoot with the mouse or the spacebar.
Times played: 10201
Rating: 78.6%
Bat Pang
Our favourite nightime superhero is back, Batman. This time he's trapped in the world of pang. Help him complete all the levels.
Times played: 9435
Rating: 67.5%
Special Pang
Play the classic Pang with European capitals in the background. Destroy all the balls from the screen to go to the next challenge.
Times played: 1925
Rating: 70.6%
Build a tower by hitting the blocks in the center of the screen and destroy your opponent's tower to be victorious.
Times played: 1226
Rating: 50%
Classic Pong taken to the next level. Don't let a single ball fall or you lose.
Times played: 1537
Rating: 50%
Panic Pang
Destroy all the balls thrown at you and avoid getting hit by them to go to the next level.
Times played: 1125
Rating: 50%
Santa Lost Gifts
Christmas version of the classic Pang, Destroy all the bubbles and pick up the gifts that fall from them, whitout getting hit by the balls of course.