Times played: 1417
Rating: 0%
Crystal Maze
Help the little girl eat enough fruits in the maze. When enough fruits are eaten she can go to the next stage.
Times played: 1962
Rating: 85.7%
Collect good stuff and avoid bad guys in this exciting modern version of pacman. Draw the path Pacman will follow and time it correctly.
Times played: 1277
Rating: 75%
Use the arrow keys to control the burgerman. Avoid the devil heads that chase you through the maze.
Times played: 673
Rating: 0%
Dinner Danger
Mr. X is on a mission, gather the ingredients for dinner! Unfortunately, SNAFU agents are trying to make this meal his last. Choose your vehicle carefully, each have specific driving skills.
Times played: 1017
Rating: 66.7%
Little Red Riding Hood Feast
Just like pacman, this game features The Little Red Riding Hood collecting cookies, don't let the bad guys catch her.
Times played: 740
Rating: 0%
Pac Adventure
Pacman's girlfriend was kidnaped by Dracula. Go through many labyrinths to rescue her and defeat the monster.
Times played: 2953
Rating: 69.2%
Pacman Advanced
A new version of the classic game Pacman, this time with improved graphics and animation!
Times played: 753
Rating: 100%
Mad Pac
Your mission in this game is to save lady Madpac, for that you will have to travel through many underwater scenarios.
Times played: 38285
Rating: 75.5%
Ms Pacman
Classic of the classics but this time with Ms Pacman. Have fun!
Times played: 23018
Rating: 75.7%
Pacman: DJ Bday Party
Curious party celebrating 30 years of Pacman. Help DJ Chimo Bayo to dodge the ghosts of Eurovision, while eating all the balls on the screen.
Times played: 34050
Rating: 72.1%
Taz Man
Taz has escaped from the Zoo and is hungry. Help him to eat all the food you can without being caught by his pursuers. Move with the cursor.
Times played: 7445
Rating: 79%
Maze Man
Similar to the classic pacman but every screen is more difficult and are pursued by your enemy that you should not let it catch you!
Times played: 12546
Rating: 82.5%
Splatman Mini
Similar to Pacman, but Splatman has new abilities, like giving the ghosts with a hammer and smashing into the floor! takes advantage to eat a lot of pills as they come unstuck!
Times played: 14012
Rating: 82.7%
White Pacman
A classic game of Pacman, but this time pacman is white, not yellow
Times played: 3593
Rating: 65.4%
Tunnel Recon
Pacman style game, where you must escape through a maze of enemies to not explode!
Times played: 13003
Rating: 72.6%
The Simpsons Pacman
A classic game of Pac Man but this time decorated with characters from the Simpsons. Play and enjoy!
Times played: 3249
Rating: 75%
Crack Man
Classic pacman but this time it's a thief escaping from the police, get all the coins and don't let them catch you.
Times played: 9353
Rating: 73.9%
Pacman War
Classic pacman with the same objectiveas always, collect all the coins but this time your carring weapons to defeat the ghosts.
Times played: 5678
Rating: 73.6%
Pacs Jungle Trip
Play teh classic Pacman but this time the mazes are in the jungle.
Times played: 2775
Rating: 64.7%
Choose a candidate and move around the maze just like pacman. Winner gets to be president of France.
Times played: 3431
Rating: 75%
Baby Luigi Pacman
This is the classic Pacman but featuring Luigi from Mario Bros. Move Luigi through the mazes while eating everything in his way and avoiding the ghosts.
Times played: 2587
Rating: 78.6%
Mad Pac Rabios
Same old Pacman rules but this time in 3D! Have fun with this revamped classic.
Times played: 5072
Rating: 69.4%
Pacman 3D White House Edition
A classic pacman featuring the "characters" of the moment. You know what to do, have fun!
Times played: 1881
Rating: 81.8%
8Bit Junkie
Collect all the ghosts with pacman and go to the next level.