Times played: 1556
Rating: 80%
Monster Truck Racer
Drive the truck safely to the Finish Line in each level without causing much Damage to the truck.
Times played: 690
Rating: 100%
Truck Racers
Exciting truck racing game. Complete each race to unlock new trucks and engines and finish them all to unlock the ultimate truck.
Times played: 1318
Rating: 90%
Dump Truck 4
The Dump Truck is back and the main truck driver has called in sick, you need to fill his space as you are the only one on the site that has the skill to drive this great big beast, make sure you meet the demands of the site manager and maybe you will get a bonus.
Times played: 1341
Rating: 88%
Drive truck over pavement, fly your hover truck over lava, and grind threw buildings with your grinder.
Times played: 1405
Rating: 94.9%
Police Truck
Drive this police truck from the police station to the laboratory at the other side of the town. Transport the cargo, which are captured aliens in boxes.
Times played: 558
Rating: 0%
Candy Delivery
A race with your special delivery truck of Halloween. It will be necessary to deliver candy on time for the children!
Times played: 939
Rating: 77.8%
Truck Riders
The aim of the game is to race against opponents for money. You will start with 1000 and can win a lot more by winning the races.
Times played: 1319
Rating: 93.8%
Monster Trucks 2
There's three modes: Ghost Race, Stunts and Trial. If you want a big challenge try to beat the trial modes.
Times played: 704
Rating: 75%
Mario Truck 2
Drive Mario's truck in mario's world. Collect coins and don't crash on the way, don't lose your cargo.
Times played: 804
Rating: 100%
Urban Crusher 2
An awesome sequel to urban crusher, destroy everything on the way with your monster truck.
Times played: 1015
Rating: 66.7%
Your large truck parking
Park your large truck into the marked space without hitting obstacles before the time runs out.Be careful!
Times played: 1286
Rating: 93.3%
Blue Archer 2
Fire your arrows and hit enough high value targets to earn enough to proceed to new levels.
Times played: 919
Rating: 90%
Killer Trucks
Drive your truck over other vehicles and splatter people across your screen as reach the finish line.
Times played: 775
Rating: 75%
Offroad Madness 3
Offroad Madness returns for the 3rd installment of this tricked out racing series. Roll through the jungles of Brazil, the deserts of Egypt, the streets of New York and more!
Times played: 1585
Rating: 70%
Tippy Truck - Level Pack
Drive your truck over the first few simple levels to get to increasingly difficult levels.
Times played: 748
Rating: 100%
Bigfoot Monster Truck
Drive your monster track and reach the goal without crashing and sorting all the obstacles.
Times played: 704
Rating: 100%
Max Dirt Truck
You will have to carry the cargo with Max's truck from the start line to it's destination without crashing or loosing anything on your way.
Times played: 1402
Rating: 66.7%
Crazy Ride 2
Drive your truck or tank on different maps. Grab spheres as you pull loops in your 12 ton tank.
Times played: 1640
Rating: 85.7%
Truck Mania 2
Pick your big rig and race through these dangerous levels without losing your load. Pull tractors, haul cars and other unstable loads to the finish line to unlock new trucks and levels.
Times played: 1184
Rating: 84.2%
Monster Trucks Nitro
Drive massive Monster trucks over crazy cool tracks and destroy everything in your way.
Times played: 646
Rating: 88.9%
Army Truck
Drive your army truck and try to reach the finish line within 1 minute without crashing.
Times played: 873
Rating: 0%
Bulldozer Mania
Use your bulldozer to carry the the cargo to it's destination at the loading truck, avoid many obstacles and clear the way with the bulldozer's blade.
Times played: 898
Rating: 85.7%
Fire Fighting Truck
It's an emergency and you will have to drive your fire fighter's truck to reach the fire as fast as possible, even if it means running over other vehicles.
Times played: 555
Rating: 80%
Master Blaster
Drive your monster vehicle through the course and destroy everything on your way to the goal. Don't crash or trash your vehicle or it's game over.