Times played: 1543
Rating: 70%
Metal Slug Zomibes Return
Blast the incoming zombies as you earn money to buy new guns and upgrade them. Watch that reload!
Times played: 836
Rating: 25%
Armor Hero Metal Slug
Shoot your enemies on your special armor and defeat them all to go to the next level, in this exciting shooting game.
Times played: 11885
Rating: 76.5%
Metal Slug Crazy Defense
This time you won't be controlling the characters of metal slug, they will be the enemies to beat!
Times played: 20869
Rating: 66.8%
Super Marco
Marco from metal slug is transported to the world of Mario. He's armed as usual so there won't be a problem surviving.
Times played: 33790
Rating: 82.3%
Metal Slug Brutal 3
Third episode of Metal Slug, defeat all the enemies in your way using many weapons and your trusty knife. get to the boss and defeat it to go to the next stage.
Times played: 18368
Rating: 81.7%
Metal Slug Brutal 2
The famouse metal slug. Become a modern rambo and annihilate all the enemies on your way, collect many weapons and bomb away the bosses.
Times played: 14203
Rating: 81.5%
Metal Slug: Death Defense
Defend the Metal Slug tank from enemy attack. Press the keys 1 to 5 to choose the weapon and use the mouse to control the angle and force of the shot.
Times played: 19475
Rating: 80.9%
Metal Slug Rampage 3
New version of classic action game Metal Slug. Will you defeat an army of mercenaries?. Move with the cursor.
Times played: 21924
Rating: 81.5%
Zombie Survival
The planet is infested with zombies and you must kill everyone. Use your machine gun and go with our friend.
Times played: 9813
Rating: 68.5%
Urban Slug
You are a soldier that must fulfill 4 missions, when you finish each of them you will receive a reward, you can buy more and better weapons.
Times played: 12479
Rating: 80.3%
Military Rescue
This soldier is ready to fight in the most cruel and fierce battles, you're armed to the teeth, go to this war and kill all your enemies.
Times played: 7086
Rating: 86.7%
Metal Slug Brutal
Excellent installment of metal slug. Shoot down all your enemies and defeat the final bosses to complete the missions.
Times played: 2681
Rating: 87.2%
Aqua Slug
Polo is on a crusade on the beach and he has to defeat all the other kids to reach his goal. Use your water gun and soak them all. Excellent game.
Times played: 6124
Rating: 75.4%
You are in the middle of an island and you have to defeat all the enemies that are surrounding you.
Times played: 7964
Rating: 96.7%
Metal Slug 3
Shoot your way through waves and waves of enemies until you reach the final boss. Defeat him to go to the next stage. Pick up various weapons in your adventure.