Times played: 467
Rating: 0%
DinoKids - Math
DinoKids - Math is simple, fun and educative mini game. You can solve simple math and compete the score.
Times played: 898
Rating: 94.4%
Math Minute
Solve as many problems as you can before time runs out to get a high score.
Times played: 719
Rating: 25%
Brain Racers
In this race, the first one to get to the finish line wins, though to do that, you won't be using your legs but your brain. Solve all the problems to run faster to the goal.
Times played: 1184
Rating: 83.3%
Skater Math
Choose your skater, then choose the operation you want to practice and solve the problems to make the skater avoid the obstacles in his way.
Times played: 680
Rating: 0%
Pooh Brain Game
Test your intelligence with various minigames featuring Pooh and his friends.
Times played: 531
Rating: 100%
Multiplication Station
Pick the correct numbers to solve the multiplications.
Times played: 785
Rating: 50%
Solve the problems before time runs out to get a high score. Test your math skills.
Times played: 474
Rating: 0%
Simple Substraction
Practice substraction with animals and fruits in this fun math game.
Times played: 622
Rating: 0%
Addition & Subtraction
Solve the problems in the quiz to get a high score.
Times played: 3450
Rating: 86%
Mulan Hidden Numbers
You have five minutes to find the numbers hidden in the picture of Mulan.
Times played: 699
Rating: 100%
La Sirenita School Of Fish
Solve the math operations with the fish you have on screen.
Times played: 972
Rating: 100%
Mister Pi
Your little friend is in danger. Type the result to save him.
Times played: 6155
Rating: 73.6%
Table Mountain
Climb the mountain by answering the correct result.
Times played: 647
Rating: 0%
Multiple Balloons
Shoot the balloons that have the correct answer.
Times played: 2700
Rating: 92.3%
Japanese Nanograma
Classic sudoku. Fill all the blank slots with numbers without repeating them.
Times played: 4419
Rating: 77.4%
Ancient Alchemy
Click on the numbers in ascending order and do it very fast, there's many levels to see and play.
Times played: 8625
Rating: 66.7%
Ice Tower
Build an ice tower with blocks in rising order. Beat your opponents in 2 of 3 rounds to win.
Times played: 12533
Rating: 59.2%
Pebbles & Bam Bam
Help Wilmabuy in the shop. Click on the fruits to add them to the kart as requested on screen.
Times played: 9728
Rating: 80.1%
Tower Blaster
Arrange the numbers so you can build a tower with higher value numbers in the base and lower value numbers on the top.
Times played: 1885
Rating: 50%
Use your mental calculator and takes these accounts dodging meteorites. Make as quickly as possible and make no mistake.
Times played: 8031
Rating: 83.2%
A good way to test how good you are at math! Choose the correct answer in the board and improve your skill in this area!
Times played: 2473
Rating: 63.2%
Card Rush
Follow the numerical order of each card to catch all the diamonds and get the highest score, unlocking the next level.
Times played: 5317
Rating: 75%
Try to make the required value. Dropping the piece on top of each other and horizontally until you add the amount displayed. Use the mouse for this game
Times played: 12001
Rating: 81.9%
Math Test
Who said math have to be boring? Here you can have fun while learning, answered all the exercises in mathematics before it stops the clock and see how good you you are for that matter.