Times played: 1819
Rating: 77.4%
The Avatar Couple
Makeover and dress up the avatar couple Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) to make them look better.
Times played: 1233
Rating: 72%
Kim Kardashian Makeo
Kim wants to have a new look now that she's married. Help her out with your great taste in fashion.
Times played: 847
Rating: 81.8%
Alice Nail Salon Fun
Alice needs a classic and elegant manicure for her family diner. Help her out!
Times played: 697
Rating: 90.9%
Angelina Make Up
Help Angeline get a new look. Show your artistic skills with the most beautiful cosmetics.
Times played: 909
Rating: 88.9%
Katy Perry Makeover
Help Katy with a new look. Try some new make up and outfits on her and highlight her beauty.
Times played: 878
Rating: 100%
Fame Zhang Zi Yi
Zhang ZiYi is one of the most famous Chinese actresses of the world. Help her find a new look for her upcoming movie.
Times played: 1007
Rating: 90%
Glam Bride Makeover
This young lady is going to get married and wants to have a new look to impress her beloved one.
Times played: 599
Rating: 33.3%
Bruno Mars Makeover
Bruno is a famous pop star, everyone loves him and he wants to give his fans a refreshing new look. You will have to help him find the perfect makeover.
Times played: 778
Rating: 71.4%
Sweet Life
This cute Barbie girl needs your help to decide which outfit to wear today. Choose from many dresses and accessories and also do her make up.
Times played: 572
Rating: 100%
Fashion Nails Salon
You have many different colors of nail polish, a variety of accessories like rings, bracelets and stickers, to make your hands look beautiful.
Times played: 1097
Rating: 80%
Manicure 3
Try many nail polishes on your customers nails. Clean their skin and have fun!
Times played: 635
Rating: 100%
Smoky Eyes
Learn the Smokey Eyes make up technique. Follow instructions in game.
Times played: 2358
Rating: 90%
Nerdy Girl Makeover
This nerdy girl wants to have a makeover. It's your task to help her become a beauty in no time.
Times played: 1046
Rating: 91.1%
Maria Make Up
Do you want to be the cosmetician of this famous and gorgeous girl? Test your skills!
Times played: 590
Rating: 80%
Tattoo Makeover
This girl wants to have a new look, help her out by finding the perfect outfit for the different occasions. Even choose some cool tattoos for a final touch.
Times played: 717
Rating: 76.9%
My First Job Makeover
This girl needs to look extra pretty for her first day at work. Use your make up artist skills and good taste to make her look stunning.
Times played: 519
Rating: 100%
Christmas Make Over 2
Christmas is near and you need to find out the right outfit for this special occasion. You will able to change also your hair style, color eyes and make up. Surprise them all.
Times played: 795
Rating: 92.9%
I-Dress Make up
Try the most fantastic make up on this girl and make her skin shiny and healthy.
Times played: 1027
Rating: 88.9%
Beauty Salon Makeover
This girl doesn't want to look like ugly Betty, help her with a makeover.
Times played: 654
Rating: 50%
Gadget Girl Make up
Use your makeup skills and make this girl look really beautiful.
Times played: 641
Rating: 81.8%
Penelope Cruz Makeup
Make up Spanish actress penelope. Put your talents in action and personalize each makeup, hairstyle and clothing after you can see before after position.
Times played: 437
Rating: 100%
Angelina Jolie Makeup
Angelina is looking to hire a personal, highly talented make over artist, Choose her a beautiful makeup to help her look lovely for her man Brad and her upcoming movie with him.
Times played: 390
Rating: 100%
Selena Gomez Style
Selena wants to have a new look and she needs your help to get it.
Times played: 479
Rating: 60%
Chic Girl
Sophie likes to dress very glamorously. Try some new make up and dresses on her that match her style.