Times played: 2450
Rating: 86.1%
Wedding Planner Dress up
You are the wedding planner for your best friend and you have to help her choose everything, from her dress to the decorations and setting.
Times played: 1437
Rating: 79.2%
Miss Heartbreaker
Find your prey and steal her boyfriend away with your seduction and flirting skills.
Times played: 656
Rating: 50%
Happy Valentine's Day Dress Up
Choose the perfect outfit to go out with your date on Valentine's Day. Impress him!
Times played: 824
Rating: 100%
The Carriage Wedding Dressup
What best way to celebrate Valentine's day than with a wedding. Dress up this loving couple for the occasion.
Times played: 1263
Rating: 73.3%
Secret Office Kiss
Kiss your colleague at the office and fill as many hearts as you can before the end of the day and don't get caught by your boss.
Times played: 827
Rating: 100%
High School Sweetheart
This highschool couple wants to have a romantic moment without getting caught by the teacher. Help them kiss while also writing the lecture.
Times played: 594
Rating: 85.7%
Beach Surf & Kiss
Help the young couple to not being disturbed by the lifeguard, a curious guy behind the tree or they could break up shortly.
Times played: 611
Rating: 80%
Naughty Lover Boy
Help the boy to express his love by throwing the little hearts towards the girls, don't let the shuttle girl shoot you 5 times or the game is over.
Times played: 788
Rating: 33.3%
Kissing In The Theatre
Help this couple kiss at the theatre without being noticed by anyone around.
Times played: 515
Rating: 50%
Mina's Kissing Party
Mina has just thrown a party where she met this cute boy. Now it's your job to help Mina kiss at her super party, without getting caught by others.
Times played: 759
Rating: 50%
Devil and Angel Kissing
This love is forbidden. A devil and an angel fell in love. Help them express their love with a kiss, but no one must see them.
Times played: 715
Rating: 100%
Blocking And Kissing
Your girlfriend is very angry with you and has started hitting you. Block yourself, while she tries to beat you, and kiss her passionately to set a romantic mood.
Times played: 803
Rating: 75%
Vanessa Hot Kiss
You have an opportunity to kiss Vanessa. You can kiss her to fill the loader within the time duration to go to the next level.
Times played: 759
Rating: 75%
Love Story Study
Help the cute couple find the hidden numbers and complete their Love Story.
Times played: 738
Rating: 92.3%
Chelsea Clinton Wedding Kiss
In this Wedding ceremony the graceful Chelsea Clinton With Marc Mezvinsky wants to show their love by kissing each other. Complete the target level bar within the given time, be alert if anybody notices then you lose the game.
Times played: 550
Rating: 0%
Playful Kiss
The girl wants to kiss the boy but doesn't want others to notice. Help her kiss him and complete the levels without getting caught by the other kids.
Times played: 490
Rating: 100%
Love Ka Line
Draw lines on the palm and help the boy reach the girl's heart. Collect bouquets and presents on the way.
Times played: 577
Rating: 83.3%
Outdoor Kissing
Hey today is Sunday, so me and my girl has came out to spend time and we very well know that kissing is the only best way to share our love. But unfortunately I found many people around me. So help us to have a good time and make sure that no one gazes at us.
Times played: 368
Rating: 100%
Seaside Kissing
The young lovers in an amorous mood in seashore want to kiss each other, but don't want other people to notice them.
Times played: 1077
Rating: 88.2%
Hottie Gets Naughty
This hittie just won't settle with one guys. She's pretty, she's sexy, so she decided to challenge herself and see how many guys she can flirt with.
Times played: 575
Rating: 81.8%
Opposites Attract
This couple is quite different. The girl likes style and fashion, while the boy has very simple tastes but they still love each other, so dress them up accordingly!
Times played: 410
Rating: 71.4%
Romantic Kisses
You're out on a romantic date and want to sneak a kiss in with your partner, but you have to be careful not to get caught by passers by.
Times played: 323
Rating: 0%
True Lover!
In True Lover, find your way towards your love, collect all the hearts to proceed to the next level.
Times played: 395
Rating: 0%
Kissing Under the Moonlight
These two kids love each other very much. They went camping with her friends and want to kiss under the moonlight. Don't let them get caught by anyone.