Times played: 3903
Rating: 79.2%
Your job is to position your horse strategically through the race and try to win as many races as possible and score the most points.
Times played: 913
Rating: 92.3%
Jump all the hurdles on your horse and win the competition with style.
Times played: 1737
Rating: 84.2%
Horse Racing
Choose your favourite horse and ride it to become the best jockey, dosify his energy to win the races.
Times played: 9317
Rating: 82.2%
Race Horse Tycoon
Buy horses, hire jockeys and tamers and compete to win all the races.
Times played: 15269
Rating: 68.5%
Jumporama 2
Enjoy this spectacular horse riding competition. Control your speed and time the jumps correctly to get a high score.
Times played: 15623
Rating: 76.6%
Carreras de Ponys
Run to the goal as fast as you can and avoiding all the obstacles on the way. You only have three tries.
Times played: 30601
Rating: 72.6%
Horse Jumping 2
Look after your beloved horse and compete in obstacles races, test your riding skills.
Times played: 10909
Rating: 69.5%
Horse Show Jumping
Ride your horse and jump cleanly over the obstacles in time.
Times played: 7281
Rating: 67.2%
Sim Stables
Buy a horse, take care and train it on your ranch. Then you can participate in great races. Become the best!
Times played: 8486
Rating: 84.4%
Race Day
Buy your horse and then train him. Participate in races to earn money and buy items to improve the performance of your horse.
Times played: 12195
Rating: 81.3%
Horse Ranch
Breed your horses with the best equipment and stables and then make them race to earn money and upgrade your equipment. Really fun and complete game.
Times played: 12978
Rating: 70%
Sulky Riders
Ride the chariot and compete against many racers and get in the first place.
Times played: 3610
Rating: 68.4%
Stay the distance horse
Choose your favourite horse and race in the tracks. Don't let the other riders beat you.
Times played: 2766
Rating: 84%
Shark Tale
Ride your sea horse and beat all the racers to win the championship.
Times played: 1741
Rating: 75%
Horsey Racing
If you like horses you will love this game. Race with your horse while eating apples to get extra time and super jump to avoid obstacles.