Times played: 823
Rating: 66.7%
The Game Box Air Hockey
Excellent Air Hockey from The Game Box, Try it out and don't let your opponent score. Have fun!
Times played: 905
Rating: 100%
Field Hockey
Try to score as many goals and earn as many points in one minute. First 4 shots are from a static position, after that you have to hit a moving ball passed from the left.
Times played: 850
Rating: 50%
Boom! Hockey
There's three game modes, arcade and skill puzzles, 1:1 and explode bombs into the opponents goal to score.
Times played: 635
Rating: 100%
2D Air Hockey
Great 2D air hockey were the first player to reach 7 points wins.
Times played: 1053
Rating: 100%
Air Hockey
The first player to accumulate 7 points wins the game. Compete against players from other countries and the difficulty will rise. Test your reflexes and skills in this classic sports game.
Times played: 13797
Rating: 74.5%
Mickey & Friends Shoot Score
Play with Mickey mouse and his friends this entertaining and complex air hockey table.
Times played: 13872
Rating: 68.1%
Disc Battle
Play air hockey with your friends. Use the mouse to move the mallets and hit the puck as hard as you can to score.
Times played: 13822
Rating: 74.6%
Sponge Bob Hockey Tournament
Play hockey against Sponge Bob's friends. Score more points than them to go to finals and win.
Times played: 5639
Rating: 61.6%
Super Slapshot 3D
Play the clock but in ice hockey. Try of score as many times as possible from several locations.
Times played: 4594
Rating: 91.2%
Crunchball 3000
The rules are simple: no matter what you do, you have to score. Knock your opponents while looking for a pass, choose the best training and improve your skills.
Times played: 9723
Rating: 81.3%
Ikoncity Air Hockey
Play the classic air hockey game. Try to score goals to your opponent.
Times played: 9186
Rating: 81.2%
Dx Hockey
Have fun with this board game. Try to score as many times to defeat your opponent and prove that you are the best.
Times played: 6918
Rating: 82.3%
The Pack Air Hockey
A fun game of hockey accompanied by your favorite music, defeat all your opponents and make the highest score. Use the mouse for this game.
Times played: 10597
Rating: 63.2%
Ice Hockey Challenge
You like hockey?, then be sure to try this game that is made for lovers of the sport. Try to score as many goals as you can and become the best. Use the mouse for this game.
Times played: 3541
Rating: 71%
Table Hockey Tournament
Play against many tough opponents each with different special moves and defeat them all to be the champion.
Times played: 6526
Rating: 70.9%
Hockey Suburban Goalie
You are the goalkeeper in an ice hockey match. Don't let the tile in your goal or you will lose.
Times played: 4953
Rating: 77.4%
Little Duck Air Hockey
Play air hockey with this little ducks, score as many times as you can to win the match. Have fun!
Times played: 2483
Rating: 78.6%
Molson Pro Hockey
The objective of the game is to score as many times as possible beating the goalie. Hold the mouse button to adjust power.
Times played: 2552
Rating: 7.1%
Ice Hockey
Hit the puck as hard as you can, pass their defenses, score a point!. You can do everything in this great Ice Hockey simulator.