Times played: 901
Rating: 50%
Desktop Copter
Use the arrow keys to pilot your RC Helicopter and fly through all the rooms of the house, while collecting stars.
Times played: 1744
Rating: 80%
Overkill Apache 2
Pilot your Apache helicopter. Destroy enemy troops on land and air, pick up upgrades and power ups on the way. Defeat the final boss in each stage.
Times played: 550
Rating: 100%
Try to pitch some bullets through some blimps as you cruise through the air as a helicopter. Shoot 'em down before you run out of resources.
Times played: 494
Rating: 50%
Bang Adventure
Try to fly this cute helicopter as far as you can. Avoid the walls, and shoot incoming enemies. It's harder than you think.
Times played: 615
Rating: 66.7%
Helicopter Strike Force
Use your mouse to pilot the helicopter and avoid all the enemies on the way.
Times played: 1166
Rating: 82.4%
Hell Yeah
Pilot your helicopter through intrincated mazes, throw bombs and make your way through many obstacles.
Times played: 468
Rating: 0%
Bat Country
Fly with the captain and private thompson through the hellish skies of bat country.
Times played: 696
Rating: 66.7%
Battlefield Airwolf
Pilot your Airwolf helicopter and destroy the terrorists at their camps before they destroy your base.
Times played: 833
Rating: 66.7%
Chopper Assault
The enemy is advancing vigorously. Our researchers developed a high tech chopper to stop them and you are the most talented pilot around. Defeat the enemy and protect your base.
Times played: 722
Rating: 100%
Mario Helicopter
Help Mario pilot his helicopter to collect all the coins in each of the levels of this great game.
Times played: 824
Rating: 75%
Copter Control
Pilot the helicopter, landing and flying eveywhere your told to and go to the next level.
Times played: 1092
Rating: 71.4%
Helicopter Game
Fly through a cave in a broken smoking falling drifting heli chopper but don't crash into the walls.
Times played: 514
Rating: 100%
Helicops Territories
Pilot your helicopter to destroy the enemy army, complete the missions and send reinforcements as needed.
Times played: 524
Rating: 100%
Iraq Attack
Destroy all iragi's homes and kill Saddam's two sons to win the war against terrorism.
Times played: 1359
Rating: 58.3%
GI Joe Rhino Copter Rampage
Cobra is at it again. Use the rhino copter to destroy the cobra bats on your way back to the new sigma 6 base.
Times played: 623
Rating: 0%
Parachute Retro
Move your chopper and try to save the people you have aboard by jumping off the helicopters and trying to hit the passing trucks. As you progress it gets more difficult to make a safe landing!
Times played: 532
Rating: 0%
Chopper Dropper
Destroy the rocks at the mountain dropping fireballs at them. Destroy them all to go to the next level.
Times played: 3939
Rating: 67.3%
Power Copter
Control the helicopter with the WASD keys, press the spacebar to shoot water balloons or switch to other weapons with the numerical keys.
Times played: 3108
Rating: 76.7%
Santa Chopper
Rescue Santa helpers carring the gifts, from the icebergs. Control the helicopter with the arrow keys and altitude with the spacebar.
Times played: 15284
Rating: 72.9%
Secure The Deck
You have to keep going even if there's a storm and the worst weather conditions. Try to balance the helicopter to rescue the passengers in the glowing areas.
Times played: 7844
Rating: 88.9%
Overkill Apache
Pilot your combat helicopter and go deep into the battlefield in the middle of the desert to destroy the enemy troops.
Times played: 6173
Rating: 75.2%
Protect your base and destroy enemy troops from your helicopter. Control it boldly to prevent you down, build towers and repair them.
Times played: 1874
Rating: 76.2%
Heli Storm 2
Protect the convoys until they reach the allied base. Following with the radar your objectives, Defeat them before they defeat you.
Times played: 2818
Rating: 78.1%
Heli Guardian War
Survive the attack of the enemy troops while you send your units to destroy their tower. With the money you make improve your defense towers and your units. Use the arrow keys to scroll through the screen and keys 1 through 8 to create your units.