Times played: 518
Rating: 100%
Christmas Make Over 2
Christmas is near and you need to find out the right outfit for this special occasion. You will able to change also your hair style, color eyes and make up. Surprise them all.
Times played: 640
Rating: 81.8%
Penelope Cruz Makeup
Make up Spanish actress penelope. Put your talents in action and personalize each makeup, hairstyle and clothing after you can see before after position.
Times played: 498
Rating: 100%
Flower Girl Make Over
Do this gilr's makeup and also find a beautiful dress so she looks gorgeous.
Times played: 522
Rating: 100%
The Fame: Uma Thurman
Help Uma find the best new look for her new movie. Make her look gorgeous with fancy makeup.
Times played: 710
Rating: 90.9%
Mrs. Right Makeover
Help Mrs. Right find the best outfit and make up that will match, and make her look stuning.
Times played: 1387
Rating: 63.6%
Straight Bangs Dress up
Choose from many different and beautiful hairstyles and dress up to look wonderful.
Times played: 829
Rating: 50%
Bride Hair Design
Test your hairstylist skills and do this girl's new hairstyle just like she is showing on the picture.
Times played: 776
Rating: 100%
Full Makeover
This is a very complete dress up, make up, hair style game. Have fun trying new clothes and dresses and give them new colorful patterns.
Times played: 1155
Rating: 80%
Trouble in Hair Saloon
Mr. Bean has been working in this Hair Saloon with an intention to try out something new. But the Saloon Head, who is very strict by the way, is not allowing Mr. Bean to do anything but cleaning up the saloon. You task is to work secretly in the saloon and mess up the clients hair as much as you can. Complete the level by filling up the mess gauge.
Times played: 660
Rating: 85.7%
Britney Spears Make Up
Britney is looking for a new fresh look and requires your make up artist skills to find it.
Times played: 1854
Rating: 78.6%
Little Princess Summer Hair
Princess wants to do some hair fashion. Help her in the free model or the challenge model. Have fun!
Times played: 887
Rating: 100%
Bowbie Dress up
Dress up this girl with the latest in fashion clothing and accesories.
Times played: 664
Rating: 100%
Britney Spears Makeover
Britney wants to try a new look. Put new make up and clothes on her and make her look wonderful.
Times played: 1306
Rating: 86.7%
Beauty Queen Makeover
This girl wants to have a makeover for the beauty queen pageant. Use your aesthetic skills and make her look wonderful.
Times played: 611
Rating: 92.3%
Stable Girl Makeover
Help this girl get a new look. Try out new make up and hairstyles.
Times played: 3145
Rating: 12.4%
Anime Hair Style
You have many combinations of hair length, bangs and styles to create the most wonderful hairstyle for this anime girl.
Times played: 1007
Rating: 77.3%
Hollywood Makeup Artist
Try out new makeup and dresses on this beautiful actress, help her get the role in the next Hollywood movie.
Times played: 839
Rating: 83.3%
Classic Salon Makeover
Dress up this girl for her party in the classic salon of the mansion, and impress her girlfriends.
Times played: 582
Rating: 100%
Happy Shopping
Dress up this girl so she looks beautiful for her shopping trip, when she goes this afternoon with her girlfriends.
Times played: 729
Rating: 84.6%
Lady Gaga Makeover 2
Lady Gaga wants your help acquiring a new extravagant style, help her out.
Times played: 492
Rating: 83.3%
Cute Twins Dress up
This cute twin sisters want to have a unique look for once. Help them out with many gorgeous outfits and accesories.
Times played: 539
Rating: 100%
Tattoo Girls Dress up
This two girls are tattoo artists and want to be dressed very pretty to show everyone their creations.
Times played: 331
Rating: 80%
Magic Princess Dress up
Dress up this Princess with the most beautiful magical outfits and accesories.
Times played: 397
Rating: 100%
Fashion Girl Dress up
Dress up this fashion addicted girl so she can take a picture with her cat.