Times played: 944
Rating: 88.9%
Goal in One
Exciting sports game with a mix of soccer and minigolf.
Times played: 538
Rating: 100%
Green Physics 3
Third version of the popular golf-themed physics-based game where you will have to solve the puzzles to get the ball to the hole.
Times played: 519
Rating: 0%
Everybody's Golf
Use you mouse by dragging the ball to choose the angle and power then release to strike.
Times played: 424
Rating: 0%
Zombie Sports: Golf
First it was football, now it's golf, yes zombies play golf too... and guess what they use as the ball? A HUMAN EYE! Happy Halloween!
Times played: 588
Rating: 100%
Cross Golf
Watch the wind direction signs, as you hit your golf ball, trying to get it into the hole.
Times played: 508
Rating: 100%
Golf Drive
Drive the buggy with a giant catapult around and shoot the golf ball towards the hole.. A crazy mix up of a fast racing game and a golf sport game to play.
Times played: 536
Rating: 100%
Dora Super Golfer
Dora is training to play golf. Your mission is to help her achieve the most points.
Times played: 655
Rating: 0%
Desktop Mini Golf Deusx
18 holes of mini golf fun on your desktop.
Times played: 433
Rating: 0%
Golf Goblin
This goblin loves to play golf, and he likes to cheat at it to win.
Times played: 459
Rating: 0%
Winnie the Pooh's 100 Acre
Choose your favourite Pooh's character and then compete ina golf tournament. The courses are full of obstacles to test your skills with the club.
Times played: 737
Rating: 100%
Golf Putt Champion
Hit the golf ball into the hole as the wind direction changes and you have to adjust your shot.
Times played: 547
Rating: 0%
Dora Minigolf
Play golf with Dora, put the ball in the holes with as few tries as possible and go to the next level.
Times played: 681
Rating: 0%
Be My Boyfriend
Today my boyfriend and I are playing golf. He will coach me, I must aim to the hole and put the ball in there and kissing whitout people watching.
Times played: 460
Rating: 0%
Help this caveman dump the crap into the sea. The secret is to control the power and the angle. It's like playing golf and bowling in just one game but the difference is that the target is poop.
Times played: 902
Rating: 100%
Flop Shot Minigolf 2
Minigolf in space! Avoid obstacles, jump into teleporters and get the lowest score possible.
Times played: 501
Rating: 0%
Disc Golf
Great mix of golf and frisbee. Try to get 18 holes with just a few throws to win.
Times played: 648
Rating: 0%
Yetisports 5 Flamingo Drive
The yeti now has to throw a flamingo as far as possible to get a new record (there's no penguins in Africa)
Times played: 961
Rating: 50%
Super Star Golf
Here you have the chance to show your skills. Choose between five characters with different abilities to aid you in completing the courses.
Times played: 11094
Rating: 73%
Ryder Cup Challenge
You have 60 seconds to hit the ball as far as you can.
Times played: 5429
Rating: 41.7%
Hack Attack Golf
Shoot the ball with the club and get enough points to go to the next level. Aim to the guy on the horse and the clown for bonuses.
Times played: 7263
Rating: 75.5%
Yahoo Golf
Choose the club, measure the distance, pay attention to the wind, aim and shoot. Become the new Tiger Woods.
Times played: 7136
Rating: 67.7%
Pressure Shot
Excellent golf game very realistic and challenging. Think your shots and play!
Times played: 6972
Rating: 73.6%
Golf Jam
Excellent minigolf game were you have to hit the target to go to the next level.
Times played: 3443
Rating: 79.3%
18 Goal Golf
You have to modes and 18 holes to try and put the ball in them with the least tries.