Times played: 4385
Rating: 56.3%
Christmas Lights
Use your imagination and decorate a perfect scenery for this Christmas season.
Times played: 10936
Rating: 75.5%
Dora Train Express
Dora must take Swiper to the next station. Be careful! don't wreck the train and lose the cargo!
Times played: 9992
Rating: 56.9%
Harley Girl Dress up
Choose from several tops, bottoms, cool dresses, shoes, and eye glasses to dress up the sexy lady.
Times played: 5902
Rating: 62.3%
Cinema Star
This cinema star needs help getting ready for her movie premiere.
Times played: 1635
Rating: 81.8%
Turtle Girl
Katy is a very special little girl. Unlike the little girls of her age, there is only two things she likes: action movies and her turtle friend. The thing is, when she dreams, she likes to mix them both. Here is on of her dreams.
Times played: 2885
Rating: 75%
Shop Empire
Build the biggest, most luxurious and extremely profitable shopping malls around the world. Deploy and upgrade boots, restrooms, elevators and restaurants to make your vistors spending lots and lots of money. Hire cleaners to keep it tidy, technicians for dealing with power failures and security against the shop lifters.
Times played: 2317
Rating: 75.8%
Cooking Pies
Enter this sweetie's kitchen and start preparing the yummiest, differently flavored pies that will surely bring huge smiles of delight on all the customers' faces today!
Times played: 1701
Rating: 65%
Design School Bus
Have fun designing and decorating your own funny school bus.
Times played: 1635
Rating: 68.4%
Sunbath Camp Girl
This girl is having fun at summer camp and decided to look glamorous while taking a sun bath.
Times played: 2453
Rating: 81.1%
Join Sarah in her new cooking class. Follow her instructions to cook a delicious Paella, typical dish from Spain.
Times played: 934
Rating: 90.9%
Paris Diet Secrets
Avoid food otherwise Paris will get fat. Collect hearts to lose weight.
Times played: 1658
Rating: 86.7%
Fab Flats
It's time to decorate your fabulous flat shoes. Your feet hurt with your high heels, so you decided to use something more comfortable.
Times played: 1814
Rating: 77.4%
The Avatar Couple
Makeover and dress up the avatar couple Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) to make them look better.
Times played: 1343
Rating: 72.2%
Shop Stop in Paris
Going to Paris is a real excitement. Here is a wonderful place, which offers good food. Many people rushes to this place to taste the food. Make the customers to feel satisfied by serving good food.
Times played: 2445
Rating: 86.1%
Wedding Planner Dress up
You are the wedding planner for your best friend and you have to help her choose everything, from her dress to the decorations and setting.
Times played: 1612
Rating: 79.2%
Help the old man restore this wonderful garden into the glorious place it used to be.
Times played: 1351
Rating: 77.8%
Girl BBQ in Backyard
This girl is making a barbeque for her boyfriend and friends and is deciding what to wear. Help her out.
Times played: 1397
Rating: 80%
Young and Rebel Dress up
This young girl wants to have a rebel look to impress her boyfriend.
Times played: 1580
Rating: 68.8%
Follow instructions in game to prepare delicious paninis and share the recipe with your friends.
Times played: 2300
Rating: 86.5%
Emo & Soft Singer
Choose the outfits for both the Emo and the Soft singers and see which one you like the most.
Times played: 749
Rating: 80%
Noodle Pennies
Help Pennie with her noodle stand. Serve the customer's orders as fast as possible and earn the money to buy a bike.
Times played: 860
Rating: 90.9%
Goth Girl Dress Up
Dress up this girl in goth fashion. She's so cool!
Times played: 752
Rating: 100%
Floral and Chic Dress Up
Dress up this beautiful chic in a scenery full of flowers.
Times played: 1434
Rating: 79.2%
Miss Heartbreaker
Find your prey and steal her boyfriend away with your seduction and flirting skills.