Times played: 658
Rating: 100%
Halloween Mickey Puzzle
A jigsaw puzzle with Mickey who celebrates Halloween with his friends! Press on the red button (down to the left) to have a new piece.
Times played: 1112
Rating: 83.3%
The Little Mermaid Differences
Find all the differences in the pictures of the Little Mermaid and her friends.
Times played: 677
Rating: 50%
Mowgli's Play
Help Mowgli to attack the snakes. Earn score for every correct shot. You will have 10 Boomerangs in each level. Finish the goal as soon as you can to move to the next levels.
Times played: 5674
Rating: 78.9%
Disney Princess 2011
Arrange the pieces correctly to figure out the image of one of this gorgeous princesses from Disney.
Times played: 515
Rating: 100%
Hula Hustle
Press the arrow keys when the items are close enough, to make Stitch dance Hula with Lilo.
Times played: 593
Rating: 100%
Jinni Hegira
Rescue Jasmin and Alladin from Jafar by using the blue ball in the panel and pushing the bubbles into the cauldron. Place objects in their right location to achieve this and go to the next level.
Times played: 903
Rating: 80%
Tinkerbells Emerald Jewels
Using the wand, click on 2 adjacent jewels to form groups of 3 or 4 of the same kind to remove them and score points.
Times played: 940
Rating: 78.6%
Love Tale
Choose your favourite princess from Disney movies and dress her up to match her prince for the dance.
Times played: 896
Rating: 100%
Uncle Scrooge Stall
You work at a restaurant and your task is to prepare the food for all the customers as fast as possible before they get mad and leave.
Times played: 567
Rating: 100%
Jungle Book Sort My TIles 2
Sort the tiles in the right position to complete the picture of the characters of The Jungle Book.
Times played: 1248
Rating: 87%
Mermaid Love Kissing
Kiss your boyfriend underwater until the fish reach the end of the love gauge to go to the next level.
Times played: 875
Rating: 100%
Coloring Pluto
Paint this picture of Pluto and bring him back to life with your artistic skills.
Times played: 541
Rating: 100%
Zac Effron
Dress Zac up with the latest in fashion for his new movie.
Times played: 893
Rating: 100%
Chicken Little Online Coloring
Paint the picture of Chicken Little and his friends, become a great artist.
Times played: 2296
Rating: 85.7%
Cinderella Coloring
Paint the picture of Cinderella and bring her back to life.
Times played: 8034
Rating: 77%
Disney Princess
You have all the dresses from Disney princesses, have fun cosplaying them all.
Times played: 2166
Rating: 88.9%
Cinderella Make up
Use your artistic talents and make Cinderella look great for the dance.
Times played: 1831
Rating: 81.3%
Cinderella Dress up
Dress Cinderella up with the latest in fashion and accesories and make her look wonderful for the dance.
Times played: 1880
Rating: 62.5%
Cinderella Escape
The spell from the godmother fairy is going to fade and you need to get home before that happens.
Times played: 5597
Rating: 76.8%
Cinderella Midnight
Find all the requested objects hidden in the picture of Cinderella, so she can go to the dance.
Times played: 502
Rating: 100%
Pinochio Coloring Book
Paint the picture of Pinochio and remember his adventures in the movie.
Times played: 628
Rating: 0%
Pocahontas Puzzle
Arrange the pieces of the puzzle to complete the picture of Pocahontas.
Times played: 379
Rating: 0%
Peter Pan Sort My Tiles
Sort the tiles to complete the picture of Peter pan and Wendy.
Times played: 1447
Rating: 57.1%
Tinkerbell Fashion
Dress Tinkerbell up with the latest fashion and make her look wonderful.