Times played: 4397
Rating: 56.3%
Christmas Lights
Use your imagination and decorate a perfect scenery for this Christmas season.
Times played: 1705
Rating: 65%
Design School Bus
Have fun designing and decorating your own funny school bus.
Times played: 1663
Rating: 86.7%
Fab Flats
It's time to decorate your fabulous flat shoes. Your feet hurt with your high heels, so you decided to use something more comfortable.
Times played: 2450
Rating: 86.1%
Wedding Planner Dress up
You are the wedding planner for your best friend and you have to help her choose everything, from her dress to the decorations and setting.
Times played: 1616
Rating: 79.2%
Help the old man restore this wonderful garden into the glorious place it used to be.
Times played: 892
Rating: 62.5%
Fishdom H2O
Have fun decorating the aquarium, finding new items in the storage. You have many items, accessories and aquatic plants at your disposal to make a nice environment for the fish.
Times played: 1169
Rating: 100%
Cake with Fruits Decoration
Create and decorate a wonderful fruit cake. Make it tasty and share it with everyone.
Times played: 765
Rating: 80%
Ice Cream Shop Decoration
Create and decorate the most delicious and sweet ice creams and desserts.
Times played: 790
Rating: 80%
Car Show Girl
Dress up the model and pimp the car, what a nice mix huh? Have fun!
Times played: 869
Rating: 100%
Cake Factory
You work in a cake factory, your task is to make and decorate the cakes just like the clients request them and as fast as possible to get a high score.
Times played: 783
Rating: 100%
Baby Room Decoration
Decorate the room with many furniture and toys. Keep the baby happy and healthy.
Times played: 507
Rating: 0%
Sushi Decoration
Decorate your favorite pieces of sushi and make them really nice and tasty for everyone to enjoy.
Times played: 741
Rating: 100%
Farm Decoration
Decorate the farm of your dreams. You have different types of barns, houses and even tractors and animals.
Times played: 618
Rating: 77.8%
3D Garden Decoration
Decorate this fantastic garden, in this incredible 3D graphics game. Have fun!
Times played: 452
Rating: 100%
Making Fruit Salad
Prepare the yummiest most delicious looking fruit salad and share it with you friends!
Times played: 430
Rating: 100%
Kitchen Garden Party
This is your best friend's anniversary. You invited all your friends to give a hand to decorate the garden. You want to make sure that this moment will be unforgettable for your best friend!
Times played: 445
Rating: 50%
Ice Cream Bouquet
Ice cream fits every occasion! Especially if it's customized exactly the way you want! Whether you want hard or soft serve, fudge or caramel, or just want to load it full of toppings, you decide all the flavors of you ice cream treat!
Times played: 629
Rating: 71.4%
Beach Decoration
Decorate the scenery for a pleasant and fun day at the beach.
Times played: 429
Rating: 66.7%
Pancake Decoration
Decorate this sweet and delicious pancakes and serve them while they are still warm.
Times played: 791
Rating: 100%
Hair Salon Decoration
Decorate the hair salon to receive many customers and leave them looking perfect.
Times played: 789
Rating: 100%
My New Room 3
Browse all the items available for your new room. Click items in the catalogue to order them for your space, then customize them to fit your space perfectly. Check out the daily decoration challenges!
Times played: 295
Rating: 0%
Amazing Christmas Tree
Decorate your very own Christmas tree with ornaments, lights, bows and more. Simply print and share with your friends.
Times played: 403
Rating: 100%
Pastry Cook
Being a pastry cook is a hard job. Your reputation is extremely important to you. Deliver the best wedding cake that you can do in this game.
Times played: 380
Rating: 100%
Candy Party
A party just is not a party without a big plate full of candy! Get all your friends together and chow down on candies of all types. From the hard and sweet to the soft and chewy, there is plenty of choices on this plate for you and your friends!