Times played: 665
Rating: 100%
This is it: World Tour Dancing
Become Michael Jackson. Press the arrow keys in the correct order before the ball reaches the white line. Make sure you press the spacebar when the ball is directly above the white line.
Times played: 496
Rating: 0%
Panda Dancing
Use your arrow keys to follow the ones that appear on screen, to make the panda dance to the rhythm of the music and try to get a perfect score.
Times played: 1836
Rating: 71.4%
Good Game Disco
Your goal in this cool social multiplayer game is to open up and run the ultimate nightclub. You can choose your role in the club and interact with many people around the world.
Times played: 585
Rating: 100%
Break Dance Challenge
You and your crew have to show what you got in a break dance challenge. Dance your best moves.
Times played: 1878
Rating: 88.9%
Elmo Dance
Click on the parts of Elmo at the right side of the screen to make him move and dance to the music.
Times played: 12577
Rating: 79.8%
Lilo and Stich Maniac Mayhem
Help Stitch escape from prison. Shoot the cannons guarding him pressing the arrow keys at the right moment.
Times played: 8882
Rating: 72.6%
Bring It
Use the arrow keys to follow the rhythm of the music and make this girl dance.
Times played: 8977
Rating: 74.3%
Fans Laud MJ
Dance like the king of pop in this excellent game. Press the keys shown on screen to dance like Michael Jackson.
Times played: 9341
Rating: 77.2%
Dance Show
Move your skeleton to the rhythm of disco music with this wonderful game that emulates the dance machines. Follow the rhythm by pressing the right cursor when passing the arrows around the circle.
Times played: 4790
Rating: 65.7%
Dance With Obama
Dance with Obama by following the music notes with the arrow keys. Have Fun!.
Times played: 9460
Rating: 77.6%
Michael Jackson Dance
Dance with the king of the pop in this fantastic game of skill. Pay attention to the cursor that you must press as indicated in the table.
Times played: 15885
Rating: 65.4%
Taz's Dance Fever
Fun and crazy Taz became a dance freak, help him polish his skills with this game. Pay attention to the numbers tweety shows and copy them exactly to win points.
Times played: 6794
Rating: 71.8%
Fired Up
Use one of the characters from Fired Up and help him to defeat his opponent in a contest of movement.
Times played: 4428
Rating: 61.7%
Dance Simone
Memorize the steps the girls does and then click on the movement list to replicate them. You need 15 points to go to the next round.
Times played: 5602
Rating: 72.6%
Dolls Super Dance
Follow the dance steps with the dolls and have the best time of your life dancing!
Times played: 2767
Rating: 76.9%
Dance Dance Carabao
Make the cow dance following the rhythm of the songs by pressing the keys shown on screen in the right order.
Times played: 1482
Rating: 62.5%
Perfect Dancer
you will have to follow your teacher's steps by pressing the keys shown on screen in the right order.
Times played: 2924
Rating: 72.9%
Gorillaz Groove Session
Choose your favourite Gorillaz's character and dance to the rhythm of the music following the green arrows.
Times played: 3782
Rating: 68.2%
Ariel Water Ballet
Choose dance step that you would like ot see Ariel dancing and then let her perform.
Times played: 1016
Rating: 66.7%
Clock Maxport Dancing
Sensational game were you have to pick your character and dance. You will have to follow the rhythm of the songs by pressing the keys shown on screen in the right order to make your character dance.
Times played: 866
Rating: 50%
Dancing Queen
Press the keys in the correct order to make the queen follow the music and advance to the next level.
Times played: 1193
Rating: 77.8%
Jungle Jiggy
Who said monkeys can't dance? Prove evryone wrong and follow the music, pressing teh keys shown on screen. Be careful or you will be eaten by the crocodile.
Times played: 1183
Rating: 75%
Diamond Disco
Dance with the character you chose by following the keys shown on screen.
Times played: 1898
Rating: 75%
Honey The Game
Help this energetic girl with her dance trainning. Press the keys requested at the right time to make her dance.