Times played: 605
Rating: 0%
Hard Boy Ball
Similar to arkanoid but with one brick, think you can do it?
Times played: 763
Rating: 100%
Mad Pac
Your mission in this game is to save lady Madpac, for that you will have to travel through many underwater scenarios.
Times played: 596
Rating: 50%
Mario Moto
Choose between Mario, Wario, Luigi or Peach and collect as many coins as you can before your bike is trashed. Touch the ghosts five times and your bike will be wrecked, so avoid them.
Times played: 332
Rating: 100%
Mario Space Age 2
Excellent Mario game, this time his adventures will take place in a space station.
Times played: 451
Rating: 0%
Sue Tetris
Play this peculiar tetris with Sue, it has elements of bejeweled also, Enjoy!
Times played: 487
Rating: 0%
Keep the panel clean with the basic principles of rock, scissors and paper.
Times played: 341
Rating: 0%
Flash Mario Boat
Help Mario with his problem, he's in a little boat fighting against the tide and monsters are after him also, help him survive.
Times played: 411
Rating: 0%
Coloring Mario
Mario is famous for his own colors, blue and red. This time to get to try different combinations.
Times played: 1909
Rating: 76.2%
Retro Car Racing
Remake of the classic LCD Brick Game, simple but very addicting game.
Times played: 11887
Rating: 76.5%
Metal Slug Crazy Defense
This time you won't be controlling the characters of metal slug, they will be the enemies to beat!
Times played: 10149
Rating: 54.3%
Sky Chase
You will have to defeat 25 enemies to got to the next stage and face Dr. Robotnik in battle.
Times played: 11547
Rating: 78.7%
In Combine you will have to group together three or more balls of the same color to remove them all and go to the next level.
Times played: 8406
Rating: 84.4%
Mario Fancywork
Make the most beautiful drawing of Mario and his friends with this amazing flash embroidery.
Times played: 9891
Rating: 64.3%
Mini Bomberman
Nice mini version of the classic Bomberman. Enjoy!
Times played: 18805
Rating: 74.5%
Sonic X Speed Spotter
Find all the differences in the pictures of Sonic and his friends as fast as you can to go to the next level.
Times played: 7205
Rating: 68.4%
Jungle Battle
An enemy tribe is attacking your village and you will have to defend throwing spears to make them stop.
Times played: 17966
Rating: 85.9%
Rocket Soldiers
The objective of the game is to clean up with your bazooka all the enemies from the battlefield.
Times played: 14533
Rating: 75.2%
Choose between tankman or megaman and enjoy this classic platform game. The world is filled with danger and you have to use your skills to stay alive.
Times played: 34105
Rating: 81.9%
Mario DS
Live the new adventures of Mario and get on a quest to rescue our famous heroine, princess Peach.
Times played: 22273
Rating: 78.8%
Peach Dress Up
Peach needs your help to change into a new outfit and accesories to go out with Mario.
Times played: 26833
Rating: 74.7%
Sonic Assault
Sonic is in danger so he grabbed his trusty shotgun to defend himself. Shoot down all of his enemies to help him survive.
Times played: 5215
Rating: 78.1%
Play Poker and Arkanoid at the same time, Think you can handle this?
Times played: 25194
Rating: 72.9%
Super Mario Bomb It 2
Classic bomberman but this time featuring Mario Bros characters. try it out!.
Times played: 33534
Rating: 79.1%
Treasure Defender
The continent of Arsonneau is filled with treasures. Choose your favourite hero and start a new adventure.