Times played: 862
Rating: 75%
Mario Tricky Stunt
Do tricky stunt with Mario!
Times played: 727
Rating: 100%
Paper Mario World
Here comes another Mario platform action game. Jump, run and use your hammer to crunch the enemies.
Times played: 1082
Rating: 70%
Mario's Adventure
Another flash version of Mario with a sequel you will enjoy this one! Grab the green question mark to go to the next level.
Times played: 1062
Rating: 87.5%
Super Mario Remix 2
Choose between Mario or Luigi and adventure yourself to save the princess Peach from Bowsers hands.
Times played: 1495
Rating: 72.7%
Super Mario Bros Deluxe
Play the original Super Mario Brother levels in this deluxe remake. Scroll the screen backwards too.
Times played: 839
Rating: 100%
Mario Runner
Help Mario meet his princess in 16 adventure worlds. Collect coins to get extra lives.
Times played: 977
Rating: 72.7%
Mario and Yoshi Adventure 2
Welcome to Mario and Yoshi Adventure 2. This is the second series of Mario & Yoshi Adventure. Mario and Yoshi once again partner up and go on a long journey to save the beautiful Princess.
Times played: 1334
Rating: 57.1%
Donkey Kong Arcade
Flash version of one of the most played classic games, Donkey Kong Arcade. Have fun rescuing the princess.
Times played: 867
Rating: 100%
Star Night BB
Great version o fthe classic arkanoid that portrays cool graphics and explosions.
Times played: 670
Rating: 100%
Baby Mario
Help baby Mario come back to his home. Collect coins on the way and sort many obstacles to reach the goal.
Times played: 769
Rating: 0%
Breakout Evolution
Modern version of teh classic arkanoid. Destroy all the blocks and objects without losing the ball.
Times played: 752
Rating: 80%
Mario Adventures
Run through the scenarios in this great Mario adventure and collect all the coins while sorting many obstacles and monsters.
Times played: 868
Rating: 33.3%
Sonic Jump
Help Sonic jump from platformt to platform while collecting rings to increase your score. Complete it fast before time runs out.
Times played: 3193
Rating: 70%
Super Link Bros
Link was able to go to Mario's world. Defeat all his enemies and rescue princess Zelda from the hands of the villains.
Times played: 900
Rating: 0%
Great game similar to bomberman were you will have to collect treasures in the dungeons, while defeating your enemies, placing bombs strategically.
Times played: 530
Rating: 100%
Super Mario Coins
Jump and collect coins on the way to the princess but keep and eye on Bowser. Defeat Bowser with flash coins.
Times played: 1989
Rating: 86.4%
Collect good stuff and avoid bad guys in this exciting modern version of pacman. Draw the path Pacman will follow and time it correctly.
Times played: 659
Rating: 100%
A Knight's Quest
In a world were milk is as precious as gold, you play as a young knight warrior and venture through the lands in this funny old school RPG.
Times played: 490
Rating: 100%
Mario Zeppelin 2
Pick all the coins you can with Mario on his zeppelin. Be careful not to crash into anything or it's game over.
Times played: 1156
Rating: 100%
Luigi Time Attack
Bowser minions have kidnaped princess peach once again, this time Mario is not around so you will have to help Luigi rescue her.
Times played: 536
Rating: 50%
Mario In Trouble
Save Mario from falling in the fire, use the arrow keys to move and jump and the spacebar to shoot when needed.
Times played: 1218
Rating: 66.7%
Megaman Zero Alpha
After the cataclysm, new races were born and human are almost extinct, your task is to stop that from happening.
Times played: 967
Rating: 80%
Shark Ball
Move your deck to bounce the ball and try to destroy all bricks in this pirate ambient arkanoid.
Times played: 599
Rating: 100%
Higher Higher
Play a modern version of the classic tetris and enjoy hours of fun.