Times played: 6758
Rating: 66.7%
Mafia Driver
You have to infiltrate as a mafia driver. If they accept you, we will have enough information to arrest them. Proceed with care!
Times played: 1953
Rating: 60%
Road Carnage
The goal of the game is to run over all the people on the road before time is up.
Times played: 4901
Rating: 72.5%
Street Drifting
Make enough drift points to pass the level. After each level a new car is unlocked. Use the interior side of the road to overcome your opponents.
Times played: 2096
Rating: 58.3%
Mapamond Journey
Travel through many countries in the world. Avoid obstacles, collect relics and keep going forward!
Times played: 2111
Rating: 97.8%
Highway Escape
Escape from your pursuers, go as far as you can and collect fuel tanks on the road. Don't hit other vehicles or run out of gas.
Times played: 1625
Rating: 81.8%
The Ride Pimper
Simple, pimp your ride with many patterns and colors and show it around when done.
Times played: 1115
Rating: 57.1%
Polly Party Pickup
It's Polly's birthday party and she has to pick up her friends to guide them to the place. Follow the arrows at the bottom right corner to find their location. Watch out for road blocks, oil and spikes!!
Times played: 2379
Rating: 65.8%
3D Racer 3
You just stole a police vehicle and what better way to spend time than crushing everything on your way.
Times played: 897
Rating: 63.6%
Classic vs Exotic
As exotic cars increase in number they become an insult to your love for classic cars. You will start in Dubai making your way out of the city and destroying every exotic car in sight.
Times played: 1162
Rating: 80%
Batman Revenge of Gorilla Grod
Batman is chasing after evil Gorilla Grodd. Drive his Batmobile and dodge all the objects the villain throws at you. Collect symbols and fuel dropped by your friends.
Times played: 1117
Rating: 50%
Ben 10 Urban Jeep
Join Ben 10 in a driving adventure. Travel through hills and deserts collecting balloons to get a high score when you reach the finish line.
Times played: 3308
Rating: 79.3%
3D Furious Driver
Drive your fast car through the city at top speed and collect money to upgrade and customize your car.
Times played: 1133
Rating: 72.7%
Just Shut Up and Drive
Do you remember the classic racing game Outrun? Well here is the flash modern version of that great game. Race against the most skilled drivers and defeat your rivals in this competition around the world.
Times played: 1098
Rating: 75%
Drift Revolution
Try to create the perfect drift while racing over these snowy roads. Try to score as many points as possible within the time limit. Drift carefully and don't get off road!
Times played: 1339
Rating: 73.3%
2 Fast 2 Furious
Choose your ride from the famous movies and win the race!
Times played: 954
Rating: 100%
Car Rash
Drive your car on the track and avoid crashing the other cars. If you crash a car then the life of your car will keep reducing.
Times played: 521
Rating: 100%
Oversteer is one of those free arcade racing games with a topdown view.
Times played: 1250
Rating: 87.5%
Night Driver 3D
Drive in the night keeping the car in the right side of the road to get more points, while you get more speed, you get more score.
Times played: 1036
Rating: 100%
Speed Roadster
Three new racing cars are waiting for you. Using the keyboard arrows do your best to finish the race on the first place. You can choose one of 3 awesome levels to get the feeling of driving a real racing car.
Times played: 404
Rating: 0%
X Trophy
Collect all letters from the word X Trophy as fast as you can. Lava traps will take your energy and magnetic fields will slow you down.
Times played: 579
Rating: 100%
Micro Racer 2
Use the arrow keys and race against three other racers around the circular track with confusing turns. Use the space bar to hit the nitro and go faster and faster!
Times played: 423
Rating: 87.5%
StrawberryClock's Slotcar
This game was created in tribute to the epic tale of StrawberryClock and his driving-quest. Enjoy!
Times played: 392
Rating: 0%
Mission Explosible
Terrorists planted a bomb in your truck, you have to keep the speed up to prevent it from exploding. Find and destroy all the terrorists vehicles to stay alive.
Times played: 736
Rating: 71.4%
Wasteland Jumper
Drive your truck through a wasteland and jump over all the obstacles while collecting coins to increase your score. Don't crash!