Times played: 1342
Rating: 60%
Similar to Lemmings, assign dig, climb, and block tasks to the gerbils to get them to the exit.
Times played: 1266
Rating: 66.7%
Perfect Match
The objective of the game is to remove all cards by forming pairs of identical cards. Be fast before time runs out.
Times played: 1755
Rating: 64.2%
Excellent flash version of the paper and pen Hangman game. Guess the words before you use up 12 tries.
Times played: 1159
Rating: 84.6%
Call of Atlantis
The altars must be powered by seven ancient crystals to ensure peace and prosperity from Atlantis. Match the elements and protect the city.
Times played: 1096
Rating: 90%
3D Logic
Link every pair of like colored markers to complete a cube. You cannot link cells diagonally. Black cells are blocked.
Times played: 884
Rating: 63.6%
Up Down Right Left
Move the square and the triangle to the circles on the opposite side of the screen. Simple you say? there's a catch, they have to get there at the same time.
Times played: 6031
Rating: 90.3%
Silly Bull Chess
Play chess against your friends or the computer. Have fun!
Times played: 1095
Rating: 62.5%
Bubble Fun
Click on a bubble to inflate it. When it explodes, the color of the surrounding bubbles will change and their value will increase by 1. Get the highest score by bursting many bubbles.
Times played: 985
Rating: 84.2%
Real Estate Fun
Welcome to this great game of buying and selling in the real state business. Start by buying and empty lot and follow instructions in game to become the ace and riches salesman in real state.
Times played: 1118
Rating: 87.5%
Deal or No Deal
Classic television show brought to you in it's flash version. You will be able to win a million, if you are lucky and smart. Select the case you think has a million in it!
Times played: 1384
Rating: 100%
Wrong Block
Your task is to find and remove blocks that prevent identical neighboring blocks from forming groups of 3 or more. Just click the wrong blocks!
Times played: 719
Rating: 33.3%
Medieval Escape 9
Trapped inside a medieval castle you have to find a way out. Interact with everything on your way to find clues for the location of an exit.
Times played: 707
Rating: 75%
Riding Shotgun
Move your wagon strategically to protect it from the bandits. Shoot from empty squares and reduce their HP to 0 to win or leave them no place to move.
Times played: 569
Rating: 100%
Ghosts vs Zombies
The Zombies, intent on gathering as many crumbly dribbly corpses as possible for the next apocalypse have to contend with some pretty awesome ghosts not so happy with the idea.
Times played: 2077
Rating: 92.2%
Block N Roll
The objective of the game is to put the block through the hole by rolling it. Take note that it only goes in a certain way and there are obstacles in the play area that you need to interact with to reach your goal. Enjoy the game!
Times played: 835
Rating: 70%
Bank Alone Franklin
Push boxes and set off bombs, and push explosive barrels. Take out the robbers and grab the money.
Times played: 759
Rating: 57.1%
Tanooky Tracks
Tanookys are playful spirits that like to posess things that resemble their unique personalities the most.
Times played: 779
Rating: 25%
Colliderix Level Pack
Colliderix is here with 39 brain-teasing levels that demand planning, swiftness and perfect timing. Help the red and green objects collide in the ultimate test of your mental powers!
Times played: 1907
Rating: 61.7%
Bathroom Escape
Somebody have locked you up in the bathroom, get something for self-defense and try to figure out how to escape by using the items and solving the puzzles.
Times played: 766
Rating: 66.7%
You have been given a Flopad which is the latest in detective technology. Your assignment is to track down the lost anti-virus. Travel the globe with your Flopad and solve the mystery!
Times played: 1012
Rating: 66.7%
Aerial Mahjong
Aerial mahjong is a mixed puzzle and adventure game with many useful items, effects and advices, 5 game sets, over 100 levels and 15 magic artifacts to unlock.
Times played: 399
Rating: 40%
Psyche Room Escape
In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!
Times played: 893
Rating: 0%
Moai Mahjong
Play mahjong in this mystic atmosphere at Easter Island and it's overwhelming Moais.
Times played: 619
Rating: 100%
Mystic Cards
Select your cards, place them and try to defeat your enemy using your cards against theirs.