Times played: 858
Rating: 100%
Ben 10 I Love Boxing
Ben 10 loves Muhammad Ali.And he loves boxing too. Now it's time to traning. Help Ben 10 finish this training course.
Times played: 1345
Rating: 80%
Ben 10 Boxing
Practice Box with Ben 10 and test your skills performing uppercuts and hooks.
Times played: 553
Rating: 0%
Roboxer 2
Test your boxing skills and reflexes against other robots. Dodge, duck, block, left, right until the contender is KO on the mat.
Times played: 909
Rating: 100%
Make sure to hit the screen at the right time to smash the ice walls or game is over.
Times played: 592
Rating: 0%
Joe Da Punch
Fight as Joe, a Boxing fighter. Fight against many opponents and become the best boxer. Use arrows combinations to make your moves and beat your enemies.
Times played: 643
Rating: 0%
Ultimate Round
Excellent boxing game that you can't miss. Block and use differrent punches to win.
Times played: 18227
Rating: 72.8%
Ben 10 Bakugan Fight
Who do you think it's the best. Find out in a boxing match.
Times played: 11303
Rating: 69.8%
Fistucuffs Boxing
An excellent boxing game. Defeat your opponents with your good reflexes.
Times played: 7081
Rating: 64%
Hollywood Bash
Get in the ring and enjoy a fight against the celebrities you despise the most!
Times played: 19889
Rating: 76.8%
Feather Weight Duck
Fight as Duffy the Duck and defeat all the opponents in his way. Use the arrow keys to move and down to block.
Times played: 9293
Rating: 65.4%
Paparazzi Punch Out
Play with a paparazzi and face a number of celebrities who seek revenge against you for having taken several photos and harass them.
Times played: 9646
Rating: 55.4%
Punch Out
Classical boxing game where you come face to face with your opponent. Try of overcome and advance several levels.
Times played: 6700
Rating: 52.6%
You're in the middle of a fight, you have your opponent in front of you, the goal is to break his face as quickly as possible.
Times played: 6392
Rating: 60.7%
Dhishoom Dhishoom
Compete in the boxing ring against the best boxers and measure your level of fighting. Now choose your character and win the champion belt.
Times played: 12505
Rating: 86.1%
Side ring knockout
Go for the title! You'll have to put to good use those skills learned during hard trainning. Use your best techniques and beat your rivals to keep the belt.
Times played: 1349
Rating: 28.6%
Fig Leafs
EUse the numeric keyboard to move the boxer and defeat all his opponents.
Times played: 4260
Rating: 69%
Wolverine Punch Out
Punch, cover, left hook, right hook and block. Box against Wolverine and see who is victorious.
Times played: 3250
Rating: 75%
Smash Boxing
You are an expert boxer and you are faced against the toughest gang members. Defeat them all to show them who rules the area.
Times played: 4352
Rating: 66.7%
2D Knock Out
Defeat your opponent with your boxing skills before he knocks you down or lose by points.
Times played: 1454
Rating: 50%
Battle against fearsome cows to see who is the strongest of all the farm.
Times played: 3742
Rating: 71%
Boxing Champ
Choose your trainer and your rival. After a hard tranning session you are ready to defeat the toughest boxers you've seen.
Times played: 2405
Rating: 94.7%
Punch Tom Out
Defeat Tom, evading his punches and Knock him out before he defeats you.
Times played: 3829
Rating: 86.1%
Hot Blood Boxing
Box against the computer in this exciting simulator.
Times played: 1312
Rating: 80%
Counter Punch
Fight against tough opponents using all your boxing technics. KO them all!