Times played: 707
Rating: 75%
Riding Shotgun
Move your wagon strategically to protect it from the bandits. Shoot from empty squares and reduce their HP to 0 to win or leave them no place to move.
Times played: 500
Rating: 0%
Try to command your troops and lead them to victory in a battle against the aliens. The game is turnbased and you will need to instruct all your man before you can end your turn.
Times played: 682
Rating: 0%
The objective is to score as many points as possible by making balls of one color form various shapes. Use the mouse to move the balls.
Times played: 498
Rating: 66.7%
Bee's Knees
A pretty addictive board game that features the battle of the bees in the form of numbered honeycombs.
Times played: 330
Rating: 0%
Oliver & The Basilisks
The wizard's apprentice, Oliver, has gotten himself in a predicament! Use spells and clever strategy to clear each level of basilisks!
Times played: 1306
Rating: 50%
Flash Chess AI
Play chess against the computer. Think carefully your next move and beat the AI.
Times played: 1497
Rating: 63.6%
Setup Challenge
A nice checkers game, try it out and have fun.
Times played: 1652
Rating: 50%
The Nao's Shanghai
Great Mahjong game, remove all the tiles to as fast as possible to get the highest score and win.
Times played: 501
Rating: 0%
Hexagon of Worms
Fill the board with the same elements in given number of steps to go to the next level.
Times played: 1048
Rating: 66.7%
Line up three or more tiles of the same color to remove them from the board. Get the objects to the bottom of the screen before time runs out.
Times played: 598
Rating: 66.7%
The objective of this game is to remove all your 15 pieces from the board and move them according to the number you get on the dices.
Times played: 596
Rating: 100%
Domino Ace
Play domino in this very addicting game.
Times played: 496
Rating: 0%
Buttonheads 2
Use the yellow buttonhead to knock blue buttonheads off the screen. Avoid red buttonheads.
Times played: 575
Rating: 0%
Master Mahjong
Enjoy this classic Mahjong game! Locate similar tiles in various levels, finishing the game before time runs out!
Times played: 633
Rating: 0%
Arrange the tiles on the board and click on them to rotate them. Get the highest score to win.
Times played: 548
Rating: 0%
Defeat viruses and save Dr. Scott's life! Fill the board with more pieces than your opponent to win.
Times played: 6525
Rating: 76.4%
Castle Wars 2
Castle Wars is a strategy game were you have to destroy the enemy castle or reach lvl 100 before your opponent to win.
Times played: 18071
Rating: 72.4%
Painter Wars
Are you good at drawing?. Pictionary-like game, must guess the pictures that appear. You can play multiplayer and challenge your friends.
Times played: 9936
Rating: 79.7%
3 In 1 Checkers
Play checkers in three different modes that will test your skills.
Times played: 13086
Rating: 71.1%
Draw lines on the board using the mouse to form squares. Get to draw more squares than the computer to win the game.
Times played: 11269
Rating: 64.3%
Hang Man Extreme
Who has never played Hangman? Well, if you haven't, here's your chance. Guess the missing letters to complete the word, but beware of the time, if you delay a lot, someone gets hurt.
Times played: 9402
Rating: 94.9%
The legendary game of Parcheesi known by everyone in a very original board. You know, get to move your pieces to the center and win the game. You spin the dice and you move the tab to the right place with a click
Times played: 4350
Rating: 82.8%
The game mechanics are very similar to the already popular 'Othello'.
Times played: 27335
Rating: 87.3%
Bandit Ludo
Who has not ever played Ludo? And to remember those fun moments of your childhood, we have for you this game of Ludo so you can play like old times.