Times played: 2379
Rating: 100%
Speed Cards
Get together straights of any color and shape as fast as you can. Speed increases as you advance to the next levels.
Times played: 834
Rating: 100%
Hang Tight
The objective of the game is to reach the goal together with all the team, going through the obstacles and keeping everyone together.
Times played: 1215
Rating: 100%
Endless Zombie Rampage 2
Don't let in a single zombie into your territory. Shoot them down to stop their invasion and buy new weapons or upgrades.
Times played: 553
Rating: 100%
Squidbillies Floor It
Crash your car as hard as you can and launch the driver as far as you can to get a higher score.
Times played: 522
Rating: 100%
T-Zero Turbo X
Participate in this excellent galactic race with your ship and win the first first place without falling off the road.
Times played: 1833
Rating: 100%
3 Minutes on the Beach
Group together 3 or more squares of the same color to remove them. The goal is to remove as many squares as you can before time runs out.
Times played: 570
Rating: 100%
Orchest Rated Death
You take the role of Death and your mission is to kill as many people as you can, with the items that appear in each scene.
Times played: 385
Rating: 100%
Year Snake
Defeat all the enemies to complete the missions given to you and advance to the next level.
Times played: 622
Rating: 100%
Double Jump
Keep balance with the ball and collect all the stars in the stage to go to the next level.
Times played: 927
Rating: 100%
Learn To Fly
Keep the penguin balanced when he starts sliding down the ramp to see if he can manage to fly.
Times played: 376
Rating: 100%
The Primitive
Pick up your rifle and aim carefully to defeat all the cannibals before you become their lunch.
Times played: 575
Rating: 100%
Gravity Hook
Throw the hook to cling onto the rocks and mines to reach as high as possible. Draw the line and let it go to use the momentum to go higher.
Times played: 1511
Rating: 100%
Goosy Pool
Put all the balls in the sockets as fast as you can to win.
Times played: 519
Rating: 100%
Wacky Ballz
Help the ball collect all the stars and points on it's way to go to the next level.
Times played: 480
Rating: 100%
The Eternal Battle
Buy weapons and armor to explore distant lands and build a new home.
Times played: 1172
Rating: 100%
Zombie Hole
Zombies are taking over the city, your mission is to stop them from harming the citizens. Not recommended for little kids.
Times played: 594
Rating: 100%
Ninja Guiji
You are a stealth ninja and your mission is to get rid of the mobsters that are trying to surround you. Attack them from behind without them noticing or face to face, but you need to be careful.
Times played: 933
Rating: 100%
Our friend is a fan of extreme sports. He has a difficult goal, reach the peak of this mountain. Can you do it?
Times played: 375
Rating: 100%
Ninjas Vs Pirates TD2
Stop the pirates from advancing into your territory. Place your ninjas and weapons strategically to defeat them.
Times played: 1978
Rating: 100%
This box requires that you turn so you can disappear like-colored blocks that are within it. Make all necessary movements.
Times played: 4720
Rating: 100%
Lock n Roll
Form pairs of dices to eliminate them from teh panel. Do many to get a high score.
Times played: 439
Rating: 100%
Rocket Car
Tienes que llegar al destino final, empleadndo tu coche cohete, el mismo que se impulsa cada vez se carga de energĂ­a para volar cuando recoge las bolas rojas. You have to get to the end of the stage with your rocket car. Pick up the red energy balls to thrust the car.
Times played: 406
Rating: 100%
Woopers Adventure
You have to jump from platform to platform to get the key that will open the door for you to go to the next level. Aviod all the enemies.
Times played: 477
Rating: 100%
Xmas MeltDown
Santa has to defeat as many aliens as he can to recover the gifts they stole and to restore christmas.