Times played: 2460
Rating: 66.7%
Basketball Rally
Aim carefully and shoot some hoops before time runs out. Score points and go to the next level.
Times played: 1339
Rating: 66.7%
Slum Boy
Slum Boy wants to become a professional basketball player to finally get out of the slums. Help him score as many times as possible to achieve his goal.
Times played: 1092
Rating: 100%
3D Net Blazer
Try to shoot the ball at the top most of your jump. You have one minute to shoot 35 balls.
Times played: 576
Rating: 100%
Apocalypse Basketball
Play against the apocalypse and against real players in this exciting basktball game. The better you throw the ball, the more points and extra-balls you get.
Times played: 672
Rating: 75%
Hot Shots!
Make at least ten baskets before time runs out.
Times played: 1094
Rating: 80%
Ultimate Swish
Test your skill in swish game, shooting 25 times in a game!
Times played: 699
Rating: 100%
Ben 10: Basketball Star
Ben 10 is trying to practice basketball for the Olympic competition. Complete the exercise by throwing 21 balls into the basket at different distances.
Times played: 934
Rating: 85.7%
Mario's Basketball Challenge
Remember that swishing it gives you 3 points and scoring when the star is displayed doubles it giving you 6, making those shots crucial in getting a nice high score.
Times played: 1031
Rating: 66.7%
Bunny B-Ball
Compete against an opponent in free shots at basketball. You start off then it's your opponents turn.
Times played: 1197
Rating: 88.2%
Basketball Jam
To throw the ball into the basket click or press the space bar when the ball is in the centre of the cross.
Times played: 1177
Rating: 81.8%
Kung Fu Hoops Madness
Compete against Po in a basketball game. Score as many baskets as you can. Test your shooting skills in this awesome game.
Times played: 1313
Rating: 90.9%
Richmond Basketball
Get as many baskets from the Hot Spot (Blue Target) as you can. Move to the blue area and use the spacebar to prepare the shot and release to throw the ball.
Times played: 727
Rating: 100%
Basketball Showoff
You have 10 tries to try to impress your girlfriend with a slam dunk! Come on, don't let her down!
Times played: 760
Rating: 100%
Skillz Shooting
Test your shooting skills and try to score as many times as you can with the basketball.
Times played: 882
Rating: 75%
Hot Shoots Hoops
Try to make as many baskets as possible in 60 seconds. You'll advance to the next round if you have made the minimum number of points for that round.
Times played: 833
Rating: 100%
Free Throw Masters
You have to score as many times as possible in 90 seconds to get the highest score. Score 3 times in a row and the points are doubled.
Times played: 1154
Rating: 82.4%
March Mania
Excellent basketball game. You can customize your teams outfit and look and then get on the court and play.
Times played: 1638
Rating: 70%
Urban Basketball Challenge
You are participating in an urban basketball challenge. Score as many times as you can before time is up.
Times played: 1074
Rating: 63.8%
Trick Hoops Challenge
Choose your challenger and play a free shots basketball match. Click the ball and drag to adjust the strength of the shot.
Times played: 1014
Rating: 33.3%
Monster House
Play the classic H.O.U.S.E in a basketball court. Choose a spot to shoot from and your opponent will have to shoot from teh same place.
Times played: 526
Rating: 0%
Basketball Shoot
The objective of the game is to shoot as many times as possible to reach the target goal before time runs out.
Times played: 393
Rating: 0%
Giraffe Basketbal
Help this giraffe score as many times as possible to earn points and get a high score.
Times played: 449
Rating: 100%
High Hoop
Prove your skills in basketball. Just aim at the basket and click to shoot and pocket the ball into the basket.
Times played: 806
Rating: 100%
Space Ball Cosmo Dude
Space Ball Cosmo Dude is a fun basketball game with different levels. Score at least 500 points to get to the second level. You get rewards for good throws.