Times played: 2375
Rating: 69.2%
Rookie Nurse
You have to take care of newborns before they leave the hospital. As the days go by, you will gain more work experience to accommodate more newborns in your department. Have fun!
Times played: 5683
Rating: 73.5%
Super Nanny
In this game, you must take care of the babies. Each day you will receive more tasks to accomplish but you must keep under control every one of them.
Times played: 2367
Rating: 65.2%
A Million Babies
Look after the babies the child center receives everyday. feed them , make them sleep and give them everything they need.
Times played: 12716
Rating: 71.7%
Super Dad
Give Mom a break. Help this Dad be the ultimate super dad!
Times played: 8047
Rating: 67.4%
Dora Baby Sitter
Look after this baby twins and give them anything they need to keep them happy.
Times played: 4269
Rating: 60.5%
Stripling Gotchi
Look after this virtual baby and satisfy his daily needs. Feed it, teach him how to read, give him candies and everything he asks for.
Times played: 2868
Rating: 79.2%
My Sweet Baby 3
You have to look after this kid for the whole day. Give him something to drink, food, help him to the toilet and help him study.
Times played: 4434
Rating: 76.1%
Magic Babies
This little witch has a very special nursery, she looks after magic babies and they all have different needs.
Times played: 17250
Rating: 70.2%
Nicole's Mommy Challenge
It's your first time as a baby sitter and you will have to look out for the baby, eat and try to get some sleep.
Times played: 13600
Rating: 79.4%
Maternal Hospital
You are in charge of a maternity center and you will attend and take care of all babies that were arriving. Change diapers, feed them, bathe him and give them their medicine so they are happy and can go home.
Times played: 10588
Rating: 81.7%
baby blimp
Think you can take care of a baby? Now test your abilities as a mother with this child and take care of it well!
Times played: 26525
Rating: 55.1%
Baby bathing
Test if you're a good mother bathing your baby, you can use what you find in the bathroom to give your baby a bath unforgettable!
Times played: 12339
Rating: 71.6%
Terrible Triplets
You have 3 babies in your care! You can give the bottle, diapering, rocking in his crib or put the pacifier to calm them down and stop them mourn
Times played: 29537
Rating: 75.7%
Aliyah New Crib
You have lots of clothes to dress This beautiful baby. You can put pajamas, funny bibs, pacifiers and other accessories.
Times played: 15798
Rating: 78.7%
kinder garten
You are the owner of a Day Care, you have to take care of babies while their mothers are working!
Times played: 19174
Rating: 77.4%
Cute Baby Nursery
You are the temporary responsible of this Day Care Center. You have the hard task of taking care of these babies giving them all the care they require. Help them quickly before they begin to cry.
Times played: 17314
Rating: 41.3%
Moms Revenge
Show everyone you are ready to be a Mom by answering all the questions in this quiz and testing your knowledge.
Times played: 6653
Rating: 63.4%
Baby Care Rush
You have to take care of all the babies that were left in the child center. Feed them, change them and fullfil all their needs.
Times played: 7475
Rating: 50.6%
Your task is to take good care of the babies, feeding them, making them sleep and providing anything they need.
Times played: 17075
Rating: 68.5%
Ultimate Baby Sitter 2
You are the ultimate baby sitter and your mission is to take care of this difficult baby. Get the items on the list before the baby bursts out crying.
Times played: 1976
Rating: 88.9%
Dino Babies
Take care of this baby dinosaurs, feeding them and keep them happy to earn money to take care of more.
Times played: 7282
Rating: 65%
Baby Boom
Catch all the babies that went rampage in the day care centre. Put them in their craddles that match their color.
Times played: 7328
Rating: 87.1%
Super Babysitter
You are a baby sitter and have to take care of all the kids that arrive to the child facility. Each one is unique and so are their needs.
Times played: 13831
Rating: 58.7%
Baby Sitting
Baby sit the kids. feed them, visit them when they cry and take good care of them so they are healthy.