Times played: 620
Rating: 50%
Asteroid Defender
Your mission is to place spaceships strategicaly around the planet to the destroy the meteorites coming at it.
Times played: 545
Rating: 50%
Planet Defense 1
You need to protect Earth from giant asteroids and devastating comets using automatic turrets. You have got to purchase turrets and drop them on the orbit, aiming at the advancing space bodies.
Times played: 489
Rating: 0%
Black Space
The biggest unanswered question is: Where is the money? Maybe in Black Space! Use mouse to move, destroy and collect stuff in this action shooter.
Times played: 722
Rating: 0%
Draw a shield to protect your base from incoming missiles and bounce them back towards the alien ships. Hit letters that take the place of ships you destroy to gain power-ups. Destroy all enemy ships to proceed to the next stage.
Times played: 494
Rating: 0%
In the world of neon everything that moves is a threat, try and fight your way throught the relentless hordes of enemies to victory.
Times played: 457
Rating: 100%
Evil Asteroids
Destroy all the red asteroids, that threaten earth. Use the planets and other asteroids to redirect the attacks to those red Asteroids. Solve all the puzzles and save the Earth.
Times played: 465
Rating: 0%
Asteroid Miner
Take control of your spaceship and dodge the incoming asteroids while collecting green asteroids to earn more points. Get the highest score possible!
Times played: 392
Rating: 0%
Intergalactic Rumble
Simple games are usually the most addicting ones. Pilot your spaceship and don't let the enemy shoot you down. Defeat them all to complete the missions to go to the next stage.
Times played: 1449
Rating: 24%
Cotse Asteroids
Destroy all the asteroids that are coming your way and go to the next level.
Times played: 14576
Rating: 71.6%
Take off on borad your spaceship and manage to get into space avoiding all the meteorites.
Times played: 4730
Rating: 68.5%
Iron Maiden Final Frontier
Pilot your spaceship through the galaxy while destroying all thmeteorites on your way and refueling to keep going.
Times played: 2084
Rating: 59.1%
Spectacular Voyage
Take your mouse and takes control of the spacecraft in this journey through several asteroids that come in different forms.
Times played: 2796
Rating: 83.7%
Fly Hard
The earth is in danger! A meteor is coming, builds a spaceship to destroy it. With the money that get you can remodel and upgrade your ship and reach faster to the meteorite.
Times played: 1491
Rating: 100%
Star Defense Squad
Meteors are approaching and you need to protect your ship, put defenses around your ship to avoid a collision. Use the mouse for this game.
Times played: 1127
Rating: 50%
Asteroid Rampage 2
Travel through space absorbing all the asteroids andnd collides into ships to destroy them.
Times played: 2449
Rating: 86.2%
Destroy all the meteorites that are aproaching the planet. Don't leave a single one or the world will be destroyed.
Times played: 1015
Rating: 100%
Your mission is to defend the planets from the meteor storms, destroying them before they get close.
Times played: 750
Rating: 100%
Asteroid Belt
Destroy all the asteroids in front of you before they crash into your ship and kill you.
Times played: 996
Rating: 62.5%
Metal and Plasma
Destroy all the ships and meteorites that appear on screen, don't let them close to you or even touch you.
Times played: 774
Rating: 33.3%
Ploop SpaceKing
Our friend Ploop is on his way home but he is caught in the middle of a meteor storm. Help him out of it, avoiding all the meteors coming at him.