Times played: 5904
Rating: 82.9%
Defend Your Nuts!
Defend Your Nuts is a cute defense game starring a squirrel who must defend his acorns against waves of evil monsters! The game features many upgradeable items and weapons, half a dozen monsters, and a boss battle on stage 20!
Times played: 946
Rating: 37.5%
Running With the Bulls
The goal is simple run away from the bulls at all costs in this popular Spanish festival. Don't let them catch you!
Times played: 525
Rating: 100%
Monkey Groomer
This is quite the peculiar defense game. Click on the bugs to groom the monkeys. When a bug turns blue click it to get a special item to help get rid of the bugs.
Times played: 798
Rating: 83.3%
Kitty Cattastic
Your task in this game is to look after this fat kitty. Pet him, give him food, play with him and then let him sleep. Fill the love gauge to go to the next level.
Times played: 621
Rating: 66.7%
Farm Guardian
Hit the moles back into their holes to increase your farm's prosperity.
Times played: 672
Rating: 100%
Eggsplosive is the chain reaction "eggsploding" game. The goal is to hit the required number of cows and pigs with eggs and giblets.
Times played: 349
Rating: 0%
Sisi the Mice Catcher
Help Sisi catch as many mice as she can, and don't let them come out to her garden.
Times played: 526
Rating: 88.9%
My Sweet Mouse
You were given a little mouse to take care of. Feed him, clean him and make all you can to make him happy.
Times played: 320
Rating: 100%
Santa Reindeers
You are cute Fairy who is in charge of Santa’s reindeer barn. Take care of them feed them and give them what they want, and they will love. After that take them to Santa’s door because they are ready for Christmas.
Times played: 442
Rating: 100%
Hedgehog War
Click on friendly towers to select them and then send your troops to conquer the enemy's towers. Conquer them all to win the war.
Times played: 715
Rating: 90.9%
Mini Dressup
Help adorable Mini, put on her the nicest puppy outfit and her prettiest, colorful accessories, for she definitely wants to stand out from the crowd of doggies, there, in the park!
Times played: 345
Rating: 100%
Floating Cats of Doom!
You are one small space cat, your mission is to destroy the giant cats trying to invade your planet.
Times played: 501
Rating: 0%
Rabbit Wild Racing
They decided to come to a racing game, the loser should be punished but the people of Oh! Pick your favorite car and start the race!
Times played: 422
Rating: 100%
Puppy Dress up
Try to be as creative as you can and dress the puppy up. Try to use different combinations of clothes and make him a colorful little doggy.
Times played: 358
Rating: 100%
Rich Adventure
Manage the turtle maneuvering between some pits and sharp blades, killing your enemies, collect jewels and find a lot of secrets.
Times played: 1031
Rating: 66.7%
Bunny B-Ball
Compete against an opponent in free shots at basketball. You start off then it's your opponents turn.
Times played: 369
Rating: 0%
Rescue on Cocoa Farm
Help Farmer Gummy Jones return all the chocolate animals to the barn for winter in this cute candy themed physics puzzler!
Times played: 570
Rating: 100%
Princess with Horse
Dress up this princess and her beloved pet horse, make them look gorgeous to impress everyone at the castle.
Times played: 679
Rating: 75%
Horse Care Apprentice
You have to look after the horses and make them happy. To complete each level you have to reach the target goal.
Times played: 492
Rating: 92.9%
Kitten Puffs
Dress up Puffs, the stylish kitty, with lovely chic, flouncy dresses and pretty accessories and her her ready for the most fancy tea party from the animal world!
Times played: 698
Rating: 82.4%
Dogs Holiday Home
This little puppy and his friends were adopted by a wealthy family. Help them decorating their home.
Times played: 309
Rating: 0%
Hungry Little Penguins
Little penguins are hungry! You have to feed the penguins with fishes before they starve to death. 28 great levels to complete.
Times played: 307
Rating: 0%
Pet Food Restaurant
Prepare delicious food for the pet customers at your restaurant. Serve them fast before they get angry and leave.
Times played: 537
Rating: 0%
Cock's Revenge
The cock's have been bothered for a long time by cats. They were tired of this bothering so they decided to get revenge. Try to kill all cats so the cock's can live peacefully in this free online shooting game.