Times played: 7182
Rating: 77.5%
Jetpack Jerome
Jetpack Jerome is a simple, yet addictive, flying game in which you take control of a charming, smooth-talking chap aptly named "Jerome". Jerome is equipped with his trusty hydrogen jetpack, which runs by quickly processing rain (or even stars) on contact. It's not all smooth sailing though, as you fight gravity and evade laser-firing aliens on your voyage to the moon.
Times played: 5952
Rating: 81.4%
Imagia 3: The Quarry
Hi, everybody! This is part 3 of the adventure game series. Much bigger than the first 2 parts, and with more action. And you meet Enzo! I hope you like it!
Times played: 11536
Rating: 73.4%
Sandcastle Ancient Invasion
Fire your castles massive turret as you keep enemy ships from attacking your village. Upgrade cannon.
Times played: 6262
Rating: 60.5%
Santa Claus Christmas
Move Santa into each chimney without hitting the roof. Grab presents when possible.
Times played: 2763
Rating: 50%
Christmas Presents
Ski down the hill and help Santa collect all the presents without hitting any snowmen.
Times played: 4400
Rating: 56.3%
Christmas Lights
Use your imagination and decorate a perfect scenery for this Christmas season.
Times played: 10958
Rating: 75.6%
Dora Train Express
Dora must take Swiper to the next station. Be careful! don't wreck the train and lose the cargo!
Times played: 9687
Rating: 84.7%
Papa's Freezeria
You've just started an easy job at an ice cream shop on a laidback tropical island, but things get hectic when all of Papa Louie's loyal customers arrive on the island for vacation!
Times played: 8462
Rating: 69.4%
Synapsis 2
Part 2 of the mind bending adventure game, David Carter is again trapped in a series of bizarre rooms which he will need to find some way to escapef from.
Times played: 5915
Rating: 82.9%
Defend Your Nuts!
Defend Your Nuts is a cute defense game starring a squirrel who must defend his acorns against waves of evil monsters! The game features many upgradeable items and weapons, half a dozen monsters, and a boss battle on stage 20!
Times played: 4945
Rating: 59.7%
Christmas Escape
Click around the room and try to escape as you solve the puzzles and gather items.
Times played: 3830
Rating: 62.1%
Christmas Cat
Santa needs the help of christmas cat to save christmas! The objective of this small cute flash game is to deliver all the presents into the chimneys before christmas day.
Times played: 7549
Rating: 74.4%
Clear Europe from the invasion of monsters... Beautiful graphycs. Many cannon types, enemys, achievents, elements for build own levels ... and others!
Times played: 9436
Rating: 84.6%
3D Deathrace
Race and survive a night time ride on your performance motorbike through a dangerous and fast forest. How far into the forest of death can you survive? Denser the trees grow and faster you will ride on a hair raising test of skill.
Times played: 10014
Rating: 57.4%
Harley Girl Dress up
Choose from several tops, bottoms, cool dresses, shoes, and eye glasses to dress up the sexy lady.
Times played: 5919
Rating: 62.3%
Cinema Star
This cinema star needs help getting ready for her movie premiere.
Times played: 4380
Rating: 60.5%
Balloons Mail
Collect the stars by flying up into the sky in the balloon.
Times played: 2745
Rating: 27.3%
Funny Christmas
Funny Christmas puzzle game with Santa Claus. Merry Christmas!
Times played: 4822
Rating: 76.6%
Toy Bricks Destroy
Remove all physics shapes while grabbing the star, and landing safely on the permanent grey surface.
Times played: 6937
Rating: 80.8%
Causality 4
Click on the stick figures in the right order to try and kill all of them. Click wrong and it's over.
Times played: 1095
Rating: 83.3%
Flur aims to be a progressive casual adventure with engaging and nonthreatening gameplay. Use your mouse to collect light balls with a soothing background music
Times played: 5748
Rating: 77.8%
Mall Parking
Play Mall Parking game online and dodge your car driving through the parking lot at the mall. Follow the arrow keys and park the car in the free parking lot marked by P. Avoid crashing on other cars, objects and complete the level in short time as possible.
Times played: 3186
Rating: 78.1%
Potty Racers 3
Jump your porta potty as far as possible as you earn money to upgrade it to go farther.
Times played: 1178
Rating: 61.1%
Merry Christmas Snowfight
Use the mouse to control the angle and power. Different weight of snow causes different throws.